Tuesday, September 19 2017

How to Drive a Classic Air-Cooled 911 Quickly

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Singer and Williams Are Wildly Modifying a Porsche Flat-Six

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7 Things to Avoid While Driving an Automatic Transmission Car

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GT3: A Porsche 911 History

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The Endless Ways To Upgrade An Old Porsche 911

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Seven Favorite Porsches from Monterey’s 2017 Werks Reunion

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5 Illegal Car Modification That Can Land You In Trouble

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7 Things You Never Knew About Honda

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Modify & Tuning

The various Porsche 911s that have rolled straight out of Zuffenhausen over the years have all, in their own ways, been fantastic sports cars. However, that doesn’t mean that people haven’t tried to put their own stamp on their neunelfer. One of the great things about the 911 is how easy it is to modify …


One of our most popular stories this January was our list of five ways to improve your Porsche 911’s performance. However, not all modifications can be considered an upgrade. In fact, the Total 911 team believe that some tweaks to your Porsche 911 should be avoided at all costs. Here they are: Fake Fuchs wheels The five-leaf Fuchs …


Porsche rarely gets it wrong with its creations, the iconic 911 being a case in point. However, even the various exemplary versions of the neunelfer can be improved upon, providing not just more performance but more enjoyment. TYRES Perennially underappreciated, it has become clichéd to refer to tyres as “the only thing connecting your car …


News & Reviews

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Weekly Polls

Lewis Hamilton reignited the debate over who is Formula 1’s greatest-ever driver when he matched Michael Schumacher’s historic pole record at the Belgian GP. But who do you think is the best of all time? After Hamilton achieved his 68th pole, Sky F1’s Martin Brundle said: “You have to include him when you have that conversation. His …

Automatic versus manual cars: Which do you prefer? Motoring writer Tim Barnes-Clay explores why clutchless motors have never become the norm in the UK. Are you an automatic or manual lover? I’m talking about cars here. You see, the Americans have had a love affair with clutchless motors since time began. They don’t seem to …

Come on, fellow petrolheads, this question deserves an answer, and we’d love to hear your proposals. But before you do that, let’s take a moment and see a potential list of nominees. The list doesn’t belong to us and it is, in fact, a worldwide poll to find the best British car ever, managed by …

The organisers of July’s Silverstone Classic are urging enthusiasts to vote for their favourtie British sports car of all time. WIth that in mind, here are 10 of our favourites. You can vote Now!!!