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Abandoned Rare Old British Classic Cars !!!

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Dumped in Dubai: The luxury high performance cars left abandoned by British expats who fear being jailed because of debts

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A cold case investigation into the mystery disappearance of a Porsche 27 years ago has finally been solved. The 1979 Porsche 924 coupe went missing from a car park outside a cinema in the city of Medford, Oregon, in 1991. Police say the classic car had not been seen for more than two decades when a …

Today we have come to report on the Horncliffe mansion in the north west of England. this is part 2! located behind the mansion is the classic car graveyard! although vandals have played a part the cars seem to be stick recognizable!

They were once status symbols for wealthy Brits living the millionaire lifestyle in Dubai. But now, they are just powerful images showing how the worldwide economic crash has left even the rich financially ruined. These high-performance cars have been left abandoned at the airport by expats who fear being jailed because they are in debt. …