Honda Civic Type R Will Be Priced At $34k

The Civic Type R could be 2018’s most anticipated vehicle with Honda fanboys everywhere finally getting an answer to their prayers. For years, Honda has literally been begged to bring the Type R to the U.S., and it’s finally happening for the 2018 model year. So far, Honda has kept a pretty tight seal on details it didn’t want us to know. So far, we know it will deliver 306 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque from the familiar 2.0-liter four-cylinder found in the last-generation model. That’s the same power output as before, but this Type R is much lighter, and therefore, will be quickly and easier to handle. Last we heard, the Type R would be priced in the mid-$30,000 range, and that was the best we had to go by. But, someone at a receiving yard managed to smuggle out a few pictures of the new Type R, and it’s window sticker, and they made their way to our friends over at Civicx forums.

As it turns out, the new Type R in Touring trim will be priced at $33,900 before options, taxes, and delivery. Considering most were expecting it to run around $37,000, that’s not a bad starting point for the well-optioned Touring trim. Features of this specific model include a premium audio system with 12 speakers and a subwoofer; the seven-inch infotainment display; Bluetooth and USB connectivity; SiriusXM for three months; a three-year, 36,000-mile warranty; 20-inch wheels with high-performance tires; and even suede effect sport seats.

It’s Finally Here

It’s pretty commendable that Honda chose this pricing point for the Civic Type R Touring. I sure thought it would be more expensive, even for a model that’s no so highly optioned. One thing of particular note, however, is the disclaimer regarding the high-performance tires. If you look in the third column, you’ll see a warning that not only are they not for winter driving, but they could require replacing in as little as 10,000 miles. Needless to say, if you’ve got a heavy foot, you might be chewing through tires on a regular basis.

What do you think of the standard equipment list for the Touring trim? Is it what you expect, more than, or less? Let us know in the comments section below.


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