How to Super Clean the Engine Bay of Your Vehicle

This comprehensive how-to video from ChrisFix shows exactly how to wash, and then detail, your vehicle’s engine bay.

Using simple, and inexpensive tools and the supplies, Chris walks us through the steps of washing and detailing a space where your engine lies, without damaging any sensitive components.And to make sure he is covered all his bases, Chris demonstrates the process on all sorts of different vehicles in various states of dirtiness.So whether your garage-kept Vette needs the refreshing, or your daily driver is in desperate need of some under-hood attention, well, the video below has it covered.

It takes about two hours, from start to finish, to get your engine super-shiny clean.I think his “before and after” engine bay photos are particularly satisfying.Note to self: Keep this video handy for your post-Burning Man engine-cleaning needs.

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