Is the Honda Civic Type R too Fast ‘n’ Furious?

The exterior design of the new Honda Civic Type R is stirring up controversy among Honda fanboys and fangirls on internet forums. Prior to the debut of the latest Civic Type R, the kind of aggressive exterior appearance it sports used to require several orders from aftermarket catalogs, countless graveyard shifts at the drive-thru, inexpert application of body kits with screws bought at Home Depot and six months of rolling around in gray primer paint.

Honda, knowing the inevitable result, decided to do it all at the factory by creating a positively scary body kit and by bolting nothing short of a park bench (some say shopping cart handle) to the deck lid.

The first Type Rs are reportedly on their way to the States, as spotted by this Reddit user.PHOTO BY BLUFF12K/REDDIT

Surely, this is what the Honda faithful and related commentariat wanted in the first place, right?

Maybe not. Wannabe owners contend that even the sporting adversaries of the Type R — the Focus RS and the Golf R — are far more demure, going so far as to suggest the Civic Type R appears inked by an elementary school student. Others claim the flamboyance is simply part of the Type R’s essence and the best way to advertise 306 turbo hp under the hood.

We’ve got both schools of thought here in the Autoweek offices, so what say you? Throw your comments in below.


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