Toyota Camry Driver Flees And Crashes After Sideswiping Subaru

A Toyota Camry driver recently caught on dashcam sideswiping a Subaru BRZ and later crashing, might just earn the award of the “world’s worst driver”.

Filmed in the U.S., the footage shows how a white BRZ attempts to overtake the Camry in the right lane. However, the Camry driver fails to notice the two-door sports cars and hits it from the side while trying to move into the right lane.

In an ordinary scenario, the two vehicles would have pulled over, details would have been exchange and that would have been the end of it.


However, after the impact, the Camry driver can be seen speeding away from the incident. The BRZ gives chase until the offending driver abruptly tries to exit the motorway, but instead understeers right into a crash barrier. Even after that, he simply reverses out and accelerates back onto the motorway, fleeing the scene.

Fortunately for the driver of the BRZ, everything was caught on camera so that Camry driver should be expecting a call from the police shortly.


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