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Abandoned Rare Old British Classic Cars !!!

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450HP Subaru WRX STi “DESTROYS” Evo X, Corvette and Mustang

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First world Civic powered by Subaru

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Today we have come to report on the Horncliffe mansion in the north west of England. this is part 2! located behind the mansion is the classic car graveyard! although vandals have played a part the cars seem to be stick recognizable!

What is the project? Take a Subaru WRX 2004 and put a Honda Civic 1992 SI body “on top of it”. I’ve done this project from January to April 2010 with a budget of 5500$ CAD.

Turning left onto a main road without making sure the coast is clear is among the most dangerous maneuvers anyone can make in traffic. For some unexplained reason, this Subaru owner seemed completely oblivious to the dangers that lay ahead and proceeded to make one of the worst left turns we’ve ever seen. While that …

A Toyota Camry driver recently caught on dashcam sideswiping a Subaru BRZ and later crashing, might just earn the award of the “world’s worst driver”. Filmed in the U.S., the footage shows how a white BRZ attempts to overtake the Camry in the right lane. However, the Camry driver fails to notice the two-door sports …

1/23/2017 Subaru Legacy GT 5sp on Snow Tires – Do You Know Why! Because it’s a Subaru