Tuesday, January 16 2018

Is the Nissan Skyline the most iconic Japanese car ever?

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Poll – What’s the Best Modern V10-Powered Car?

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Warming Up Your Car in the Cold Just Harms the Engine

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These are the star cars of Fast & Furious Live

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This V12, 222-MPH Monster Of A Toyota Supra Is Up For Auction Soon

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Man arrested after slamming car through railing and into basement of home

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The Grand Tour Is Better, But Still Has Room to Grow

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Where luxury cars go to die

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Modify & Tuning

Project cars are often lengthy endeavors that take months or even years to complete. But thanks to the power of video editing, we don’t have to watch hours upon hours of footage to see a project unfold. In the case of this fantastic 911 RSR build, it only takes four and a half minutes. Australian …


THE CAR: 2001 Acura Integra Type R 195-hp, 1.8-liter I-4 Five-speed manual transmission Front-wheel drive MSRP: $24,450 (2001) Wait. You spent a week with an Integra Type R? That’s awesome. No. I spent the better part of three days with one. One of those days was at Road America, in September, where I drove an …


Despite values changing on an almost monthly basis in the current market, there are still ways to experience the magic of the Porsche 911 without substantial investment. The answer for many buyers is a 996 or Gen1 997 fitted with the M96 and M97 engine respectively, yet while these cars offer terrific performance for the …


News & Reviews

She shocked the sheriff: Texas woman’s anti-Trump message goes viral

Porsche Still Acknowledges That Human Driving Is Good

This Is America’s Most Embarrassing Automotive Engineering Failure

The 911 Gts is The True Successor to The 928

DIY Cardboard License Plate Somehow Fails to Fool the Cops

Man Finds Car 20 Years After Forgetting Where He Parked It


Weekly Polls

Lewis Hamilton reignited the debate over who is Formula 1’s greatest-ever driver when he matched Michael Schumacher’s historic pole record at the Belgian GP. But who do you think is the best of all time? After Hamilton achieved his 68th pole, Sky F1’s Martin Brundle said: “You have to include him when you have that conversation. His …

Automatic versus manual cars: Which do you prefer? Motoring writer Tim Barnes-Clay explores why clutchless motors have never become the norm in the UK. Are you an automatic or manual lover? I’m talking about cars here. You see, the Americans have had a love affair with clutchless motors since time began. They don’t seem to …

Come on, fellow petrolheads, this question deserves an answer, and we’d love to hear your proposals. But before you do that, let’s take a moment and see a potential list of nominees. The list doesn’t belong to us and it is, in fact, a worldwide poll to find the best British car ever, managed by …

The organisers of July’s Silverstone Classic are urging enthusiasts to vote for their favourtie British sports car of all time. WIth that in mind, here are 10 of our favourites. You can vote Now!!!