10 Most Expensive Abandoned CARS

Whenever we come across an amazing car story, we all love to hear the very last detail about it. Hereby, in this video we are going to take a look at not 1, but 10 such amazing stories about these 10 most expensive abandoned cars that we have ever came across. Yes, coming across a piece of rarity in the junkyard is something that can happen, even though it is a rarity. Namely, this list shoots off with none other than the mighty Jaguar XJ220 that was found stranded in the dessert of Qatar. This car is in fact the most expensive Jaguar ever made and it can cost well over half a million.

Moreover, only 280 such Jaguar XJ220 were ever made. What an absolute gem! The list of ridiculously expensive abandoned car continues with the Ferrari Enzo that was found rusting away in an impound lot in Dubai. Purchasing one such car is going to cost over a million dollars. This specific one was abandoned by a British citizen who had to flee the country immediately.

The next story about the Ferrari Dino 246 GT is absolutely shocking. Namely, couple of children were playing in their backyard and digging in the ground when they suddenly came across a piece of plastic stuck. It eventually turned out the plastic was actually a Ferrari Dino 246 GT buried in the ground many years ago by its previous owner.

It had to go some serious restoration before hitting the road once again. Check the video for more amazing stories of expensive abandoned cars!


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