16 Shaq Mods That Are Complete Airballs

Shaq is one of those people who’s larger than life – literally. He’s huge in size as well as career, personality, heart, and wealth. He has also made some weird decisions over the years, and some of the weirdest could be seen in his collection of vehicles.

Some of the downright strange creations that could be spotted in his collection actually make us wonder if it’s built like that on purpose to raise a few eyebrows, if it’s done just to be unique, or if it’s just a matter of too much money combined with a lack of taste and know-how. Honestly, we’re still not sure what the conclusion is.

What we do know for sure is that he made hundreds of millions of dollars during his basketball career, and with that kind of money it’s easy to get carried away and go a little nuts when modifying your new car. Another contributing factor to some of Shaq’s weird vehicles is his size. Sports cars need to be stretched in order for him to fit; there probably isn’t a car on the market where he could fit comfortably behind the wheel without any mods. He even had a custom chopper built by Jesse James that looked like it was meant for a giant – because it kind of was.

Let’s take a closer look at some mods Shaq had done to his cars that are so bad they make his free throw statistics look great… and that really takes some doing.


It’s difficult to understand what’s going on here. We’re fairly certain that Shaq doesn’t build, or even work on his own cars. Which means a shop out there must’ve thought this build was a good idea to gain some exposure. It wasn’t. And now everyone is laughing.

There is absolutely no coherency here. There’s the serious off-road suspension, rims that look like they belong on a sports car, low-profile knobbly tires that would be more at home on a Jeep concept car, and then they’ve wrapped it all in gold – like something we’d expect to find at the Gumball 3000 rally. Of all the airballs he’s ever made, this one ranks right up there with the worst of ’em.


The Polaris Slingshot is kind of a half-and-half mix between car and motorcycle. And it really isn’t as good as either, so one might as well modify it. We doubt Shaq could even fit in a standard Slingshot, and when he purchased this one he wanted the customizers to stretch the vehicle so that he could keep his legs straight. Once done, he realized there was room for extra seats.

The problem is of course that the Polaris is made to do burnouts and go sideways, as well as fly down the highway – but a stretched version with 4 giants in it won’t do any of those things. It seems like Shaq realized that too, that’s probably why he added a massive sound system.


It’s understandable that Shaq would want a big vehicle, after all, his smaller and sportier cars all have to be stretched and customized in order for him to fit in them. No need to stretch an Escalade, however. So instead, Shaq decided it was a great idea to borrow a feature normally found on older Lamborghinis to make his Escalade stand out from the crowd.

That’s right: Lambo doors – a styling feature so played out that even Lamborghini stopped using them. And they certainly don’t make it any easier to enter or exit the car, especially when you’re over 7 feet tall and lower the SUV’s suspension as well. This was a bigger miss than his free throws.


Looking at the vehicles Shaq has owned over the years, it’s quite easy to start questioning the man’s taste and sense of vehicular fashion. The Chevy G1500 offers plenty of space, making it perfect if you want to stretch your legs. Shaq didn’t just want to stretch his legs though, he wanted it to be cool. Or at least cool in his mind.

First on the agenda was fitting the obligatory Superman emblem on the front, next up was air ride suspension, and of course, some rims to complete the outside of the van.

Here’s where things start to turn ugly; The interior is by Louis Vuitton, and while they do make some nice bags, this interior is, quite frankly, vomit-inducing.


There seems to be something that draws Shaq to three-wheelers. All those modified and stretched Polaris models, he has some trikes, and now this creation; The Vanderhall Venice Roadster.

A stock Vanderhall Venice is a modern-ish take on the classic Morgan 3-Wheeler, using composite materials and a turbocharged four-cylinder engine that squeezes out 180 horses. Not bad for a lightweight two-seater. Except Shaq is so big that it will only fit him, effectively making it a one-seater. And he weighs in at almost a quarter of the vehicle’s weight… Maybe you’d be better off riding actual motorcycles, Shaq? We’re not huge fans of trikes, but there’s no need to ruin them completely.


Sprinter Van Of America specializes in modifying vans, inside and out. And they decided to increase awareness of their products by gifting one of their vans to Shaq. As a marketing strategy, that’s a brilliant move as Shaq would post pics of himself and the van on his social media with millions of followers.

However, most of those followers would never buy a Sprinter Van, mainly because it would cost a fortune to buy one like Shaq’s pimped up ride – way out of most people’s reach. The interior of the van received customized wooden floors, a massive flat screen TV, iPad, minibar, and of course a sound system to rival most night clubs. If only we were millionaire athletes.


There was a time when Shaq could be seen riding motorcycles, like actual 2-wheeled motor vehicles. Who hasn’t seen his Lakers themed “El Diablo” bike built by West Coast Customs back in 2001? A classic Jesse James bike, but in Shaq size. And there are probably some people out there who remember him being into Hayabusas?

Now it seems to be all about trikes, and while we may laugh at his stretched Slingshots, at least those can be fun in stock form. This is just way too much, though. Shaq purchased this thing in 2014 from the Underground Garage Motorcycle Shop, and we really don’t understand why anyone would spend money on something like this – We can’t spot one nice design feature. Massive airball.


Shaq sold his mansion for a whopping $28 million, and of course he got himself another house, but even if he didn’t he could live a life in luxury right here in his dream sized tour bus. Shaq posted a photo of the new ride on his social media, along with the caption, “Road trip time honk if you see me, I might pull over.”

Here’s the thing about Shaq and everything he owns… we see you! You’re freaking massive, and everything you own is so loud we need both sunglasses and earplugs to stand close to it. The front of the bus reads “Big Hoffa”, and there is, of course, a Superman emblem, along with an homage to his various NBA teams.


The Cadillac DTS was supposed to be an elegant car for suit-wearing businessmen, and then Shaq came along and ruined everything. When he bought the car he was playing for Miami Heat, but he didn’t trust anyone but West Coast Customs to modify his car, which meant sending it across the country to the left coast.

In a way, it makes perfect sense that WCC modifies Shaq’s cars, as neither one of them has a sense of style – it’s just a matter of “more of everything will make it better”. When it was finished, i.e. fitted with a huge stereo and ugly over-sized rims, it looked like a reject from 2 Fast 2 Furious, and Shaq decided to call it ‘the Shaq-a-lac’. We call it another airball.


It doesn’t matter what vehicle Shaq purchases, it will be modified in some way. Small cars get stretched, SUVs get lowered… basically, he seems to buy a car then turn it into the opposite of what the manufacturer had in mind.

At least this F-250 isn’t too far ‘out there’ in regards to crazy mods. However, we do have to question some of the things done to the truck. Big shiny rims are great when wrapped in rubber meant for street use, yet the tires and suspension hint at some off-road action. We very much doubt Shaq is going off-roading, so why not optimize the truck for everyday road use instead? That’s where it will spend its entire life anyway.


Looking at Shaq’s cars, something tells us that he used to spend way too much time playing Need for Speed and Midnight Club on his PlayStation. Why on earth would someone buy a Lincoln Navigator and fit spinner rims, a body kit, hood scoops, and scissor doors? Now guess who built it. You’re right, it was the guys over at West Coast Customs… again.

The coolest thing about this Navigator is that Shaq actually got some of his Miami Heat teammates to sign the dash. Other than that there are absolutely zero redeeming features. This thing is somehow worse than the Shaq-Fu video game from 1994.


Typically, Shaq will buy a vehicle, have it modified in some rather obscene fashion, run it for a while, then become bored with it and sell it. When he got bored of the Play Big truck, some “lucky” fan ponied up $85,000 to purchase it.

But what did he really get for all that cash? Well, he received a gargantuan truck built by Corona Company to be an attraction at the 2008 Inland Empire Auto Show. It was not a practical truck in any way, shape or form. We guess it could be driven off-road – provided there is plenty of open space. Forget about finding a big enough parking space, that would make you pull out every hair on your head – at least you’d look like Shaq.


As if driving an F-650 doesn’t make you stand out from the crowd, Shaq decided it needed some mods. And in usual Shaq style they would be tasteless mods. It needed to have a darker, meaner look, and to achieve it he decided on having a Terminator-themed wrap installed. And it looks worse than the owner did at the free throw line.

While we’re not 100% sure, we’re guessing the upper half of the truck received the flame wrap to make it look even more OTT, although it could be a tribute to Miami Heat?! It doesn’t really matter though, it’s still not nice to look at.


If we’re being completely honest with ourselves, we’d probably go buy a brand new sports car when we had received our first massive paycheck. It is totally understandable that the young Shaq went straight to the local Mercedes dealer and bought the most expensive SL 500 they had after getting paid.

The problem is that he didn’t stop there. He went back twice more and ended up spending a ton of money in one day. In true Shaq fashion, his car would need a booming sound system, although with a rather unusual twist – he had a fish tank with speakers and subwoofers mounted in the car. Of course, the fish died from the soundwaves and had to be replaced daily. That is not good.


Shaq actually owned a custom one-off Mercedes S550 convertible. And it looked ridiculous! The electric convertible top was custom made, it also had a Lorinser body kit as well as suicide rear doors. So who in their right mind would build such a monstrosity? You know this thing has West Coast Customs written all over it.

The roof doesn’t even look like it belongs on this car, and then there’s the West Coast Customs special treatment – which basically means color coordinating absolutely everything. This is not a clever way to spend $250,000. Especially seeing as Shaq sold the car with only 7,404 miles on it for a mere $99,000.


We’ll probably never know if Shaq was joking or not when he went and got himself a Smart car. At least the pictures of him driving it made everyone laugh. Taking things to the extreme, Shaq then proceeded to cram John Cena and his massive biceps into the tiny car during an episode of Carpool Karaoke.

The smart car is one of the instances where the modifications actually make more sense than the vehicle itself. Of course, Shaq needed to have some interior modifications done in order to shoehorn him into the driver seat, the Smart is barely bigger than the box the big guy’s shoes come in. Pure ridiculousness.

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