1981 Austin Mini 1000HL

Owner: Lucas Sebastian Vazquez
Location: Santa Fe, Argentina
Year, Make, and Model: 1981 Austin Mini 1000HL

Dreams are often best enjoyed when you can turn them into reality. For Lucas Vazquez in Santa Fe, Argentina, he’s done just that. For as long as Lucas can remember, his passion for unique, classic automobiles has brought him joy and inspiration. Even as a graphic and brand designer in Argentina, he’s never let his love for classic motoring dissipate.

As Lucas became older, he saved up for the perfect classic car. While other well-known European classics could be found throughout the Argentinian landscape, he chose to wait for one that didn’t spring up as often—an Austin Mini Cooper. As fate would have it, his father knew of a white Mini Cooper 1000 HL located 497 miles away. The duo decided to pay the owner a visit, and as soon as Lucas set his eyes on the car he knew it had to be his. A brief negotiation between the two parties took place ,and soon the keys were in Lucas’ palm.

Lucas has added JCW black racing stripes, Rover Mini fender flares, and silver 12″x6″ Minilight wheels to bring out even more unique characteristics from his car. He enjoys driving “The Warg” (yes, this is what Lucas named his car) along picturesque coastlines and planning weekend road trips to other major cities in Argentina.

Some think Lucas is crazy for choosing to drive a classic car as often as he does, which he tells us is nearly everyday. Alternatively, when you have car that looks this good you simply have to share it with the world. Keep motoring, Lucas!


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