The 1991 Lamborghini Countach Celebrated 25 Years of Awesome Cars

A quarter century of successfully building the world’s most desirable cars could only be celebrated by building a car like the 25th Anniversary 1991 Lamborghini Countach. Can you imagine the pressure that Italian designer Horacio Pagani must have felt when he was tasked with updating Marcello Gandini’s impressive body of work? Somehow, Pagani found the inspiration to come up with the Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary edition.

Retaining the original look and performance of the Countach was Pagani’s first responsibility. He delivered with a car that stayed true to the original with only slight tweaks to the nose, the air intakes, and the rear bumper. He also changed up the body air intakes located just behind the door and the two-piece forged alloy wheels. For performance, the anniversary edition delivered a 5,167cc V-12 engine, enabling the car to reach an estimated top speed of 295 km/hour with 0–100 KM/hour in under five seconds.

The biggest changes were in passenger comfort. The interior was upgraded to include all-new power windows and power seats. The steering wheel was also fitted, and the air conditioning system received an overhaul to boost performance.

Sotheby’s has an excellent example of this iconic car that will be up for offer starting February 7, 2018. Most notable about this particular car is its extremely low mileage. With a history of three owners, the car has only 3,465 miles on it. The car features the iconic white exterior with red interior.



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