20 Detroit Legends Everybody Forgot About For Some Reason

There is no question that Detroit is the most important city in the automobile world. For a number of decades, the city has been responsible for creating some of the greatest cars of all-time. This makes a lot of sense when given how most of the best domestic car brands are located there.

Their passion for cars is at such a high level that their NHL team, the Detroit Red Wings, was named because of the city’s immense amount of success in the automobile world. The city may have had a low point in the last decade but it is still going strong today, as manufacturers like Chevy and Ford are still at the top of the automobile world.

With all that has been stated thus far, in this article, we will be looking at 20 Detroit legends everybody forgot about for some reason. It is important to note that these vehicles will be coming from a variety of decades, as well as different car manufacturers. This will show just how amazing these car manufacturers have been over the years.

The primary reason why so many of these cars have ended up being forgotten today is simply the amount of time that has passed. In some cases, these vehicles were actually underrated because of the fact that they were overshadowed by bigger series. However, at the end of the day, it is clear that all of these cars ran exceptionally well and should be considered legends.

With that being stated, let’s look at these cars!


The Cadillac Mirage is a vehicle that never became popular during its time on the primary market. Due to this clear fact, it would end up only being released in 1976 before the car manufacturer would close down the series entirely. However, car enthusiasts definitely are intrigued by it.

This is one of the strangest pickup-styled vehicles ever, a fancier version of an El Camino, as it is essentially just a regular car with a massive trunk. This definitely has a luxurious feel to it, as this is what the car manufacturer is known for with their vehicles. However, not many regular drivers remember it today.

19 JEEP CJ-10

The Jeep CJ-10 is easily one of the coolest vehicles to ever come from the car manufacturer but it is also clear that not many people have heard of it today. This is largely because of the fact that it was only in the primary market for a handful of years during the 1980s.

There is no question that this is a vehicle that definitely deserves far more praise than how much it receives today. Time tends to make people forget about vehicles such as this one but car enthusiasts will always remember it. It is the perfect vintage car to add to a collection.


The Ford Falcon is easily one of the coolest nameplates to ever come from the car manufacturer. However, that would not translate that well when it came to its overall sales. As a result of this, the series would only last for a decade when it had the potential to go for far longer.

There is no question that in terms of its overall style, this definitely was a very solid one from the car manufacturer. It would be pretty amazing for a car collector to add this vehicle to his or her collection, as it truly was built in a very effective fashion.


It is a shame that Cadillac ended the DeVille series, as it easily was their most popular names for a number of decades. They completely ended operations with the DeVille series in 2005, so it is quite easy to believe that many younger drivers have never heard of it.

This is a vehicle that the car manufacturer should seriously consider bringing back to the primary market. It is quite believable that a car with this level of style and luxury would end up being a top seller very quickly, as it was extremely popular throughout the entirety of its time being sold to the public.


The GMC Syclone was a very fast pickup truck from the car manufacturer. It was released for only one release year, in 1991, but it would end up gaining a lot of attention. Due to its rarity and originality, this is heavily sought-after by a lot of car collectors.

It is pretty disappointing that the car manufacturer did not end up making this vehicle a long-term series, as it definitely would have brought in a high number of buyers each year. However, at the end of the day, its blistering speeds and high level of performance must be praised, especially since it is a pickup truck.


In 1960, the Dodge Matador was released and it had an abundance of expectations. However, the Dodge Dart would simply overpower it in terms of overall sales, so the car manufacturer ended up giving up on the series. This was clearly a mistake, however.

The Matador was a very powerful vehicle that simply was released at the wrong time. There is no question that it was a great car that had an abundance of potential to be something special. Many car enthusiasts know this fact, which is why they often seek out Dodge Matadors to add to their collections today.


The Ford Maverick series would be in production from 1969 to 1977. Due to the fact that it was short-lived and a number of years have passed since its conclusion, it is entirely forgotten by the vast majority of the automobile world. However, this should not be the case.

This is a classic example of a vehicle that was extremely well structured, but simply did not get the attention it rightfully deserved. Due to this, many people have no idea what this vehicle is and that is sad. In terms of its overall power, it was among the best from Ford during that era.


In 1958, the Chevy Yeoman was released for its sole model year appearance. This vehicle simply failed to make an abundance of sales, and this is largely due to the fact that many people had no idea it existed. However, when looking at, it is clearly one of the nicest-looking cars out there.

Car enthusiasts definitely are on the hunt for this model, as it was only released for one year and is extremely hard to find. There is no question that in terms of its overall quality, this vehicle was very solid, as it had a lot of power, as well as protective features, for its time period.


The Chevy Sprint would only last for five years during the 1980s, so it is understandable that not many individuals have heard of it today. Now, it is important to note that these cars were not poorly structured but simply were overshadowed by the competition around them.

This was definitely a secondary vehicle from the car manufacturer, so they did not spend as much time advertising it as they did for other models. Although this is definitely the case, this vehicle would be a cool one for car collectors to add to their garages, as they are extremely rare to find.


The Chrysler 300 series is definitely a popular one, but many people completely have forgotten about the 300J. This is largely because of the fact that it was only released for one year during the 1960s. This basically has made it completely unknown at this time.

However, car enthusiasts enjoy this vehicle immensely because of how rare it is, as well as its overall power. There is no question that this vehicle was built to reach high speeds, so it is definitely fun to drive. At the end of the day, it was a very nice vehicle, but too short-lived to make a major impact.


The Ford Fairmont perfectly depicted what cars were like during the 1970s and 1980s. It would end up having a fairly short lifespan but at the end of the day, these were not bad vehicles. In fact, they were known for their reliability and their ability to last for a long time.

This is a vehicle that Ford definitely did a solid job with but due to the fact that it was considered part of their secondary group, it never seemed to grow in popularity. At the end of the day, although they were not massive sellers, it would be cool to add one to your car collection.


The Chevy Laguna was definitely a nice vehicle and it is quite easy to understand that just by looking at. However, although it definitely is known for its spectacular design, it does not seem to receive enough credit for how well it would actually end up running.

These vehicles had the ability to reach fairly high speeds for a regular vehicle, while simultaneously providing a high amount of protection for its passengers. The exterior brought a bit of muscle-car style while the interior was fairly luxurious. This would end up being another short-lived series from Chevy but it definitely was a solid one.


The Chrysler TC definitely did not go according to plan, as it would only be in production for three years. Although it faced a decent amount of criticism for its structural issues, it is clear that the car manufacturer had the right idea with it. It had a ton of potential to be special.

This is a vehicle that would be very cool to see come back to the primary market. It had an amazing style, so it would not be surprising if buyers would end up being attracted to it. In fact, so much time has passed since the TC was released, people have likely forgotten about the negative reputation it possessed.


The Chevy C/K series lasted from 1959 to 2000, so it is clear that it ended up leaving a major impact during its time on the primary market. However, although this is the case, it is clear that enough time has passed that today’s younger drivers may have never heard of it.

It would be awesome to see the car manufacturer bring back these heavy-duty pickups. It is quite likely that they would end up selling very well on the primary market, as people love nostalgia. At the end of the day, it is clear that these trucks played a big role in the success of Chevy.


SUVs are definitely among the most popular automobiles that people are buying today, so GMC had the right idea with the Envoy. However, it would not end up obtaining a high amount of sales because it simply was overshadowed by the immense amount of competition around it.

There is no question that the Envoy was a bit underwhelming with its overall sales, but it was pretty solid in terms of its quality. These vehicles were built with a high amount of protective features, all while being structured in a very solid manner. Even though the model was on the market relatively recently, many people have forgotten about it.


The Ford Courier was one of the top-selling pickups that would come from the car manufacturer for a handful of decades. However, it has not been in production for over a decade now, so it is quite understandable that many people on the roads do not remember it at this point in time.

With the F-Series being extremely popular, it makes sense that they decided to part ways with the struggling Courier. However, it has been reported that the car manufacturer is planning to bring the model back in 2021, so they will, hopefully, become well-known again sometime in the near future.


The Ford Tempo was a series that lasted from 1984 to 1994 and for the most part, it would go on to receive a plethora of positive reviews. It is clear that this vehicle was built to be reliable, as it would possess a very high amount of durability each and every release year.

The primary reason why many individuals have gone on to forget about this vehicle is simply due to the fact that so many years have passed since its conclusion. Ford has since released an abundance of top-of-the-line series, so it is safe to say it simply has been overshadowed today.


The Chevy Corsica was a very solid vehicle during the 1980s and 1990s because of how dependable it was. There is no question that it was built to last because of the fact that it was spectacular when it came to its overall structure. It would end up having a lot of sales because of this.

However, Chevy has since moved on from the series and today, it is forgotten by the vast majority of the automobile world. Although it was definitely a car that came with a nice style and a lot of reliability, it simply did not stand out compared to other cars like Chevy’s Corvette and Camaro series.


The Ford Contour would only end up lasting for five years and this is largely because of the fact that it simply could not keep up with the rest of the competition around it. It did not help that Ford used it as one of their secondary vehicles, so it was not publicized like its more popular vehicles.

However, upon review, it is quite clear that this vehicle was actually a very solid one. It had the ability to last its owners for a number of years, while also possessing a high amount of power for a smaller vehicle. At the end of the day, dependability was truly this vehicle’s strongest asset.


The Chevy Nova Twin Cam is an absolute classic when it comes to car lovers. This is quite easy to understand, as it has an amazing style to it and had the ability to reach respectable speeds with ease. However, it was short-lived, so not many regular drivers heard of it today.

There is no question that this is a vehicle that the car manufacturer should have released for a longer period of time. It had a lot of positive reviews during its time on the primary market, and people were clearly attracted to it. This is a Detroit legend that we all would love to see again.

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