20 Mods People Think Are Still Safe In 2019

These days, vehicle modifications are all the rage, with reality TV shows capitalizing on the latest fad. From American Chopper and West Coast Customs to Monster Garage and more, vehicle restoration shows are big hits right now. Yes, performance and cosmetic alterations are extremely popular and can influence people creatively with brand new mods and epic restoration.

That’s right, not only can a good restoration make your vehicle look exceptionally cool, but in some cases, it can actually enhance the performance of your vehicle as well as enhancing the knowledge of your mind. However, this is not always the case, with some people taking it that extra step—but in the wrong direction.

Unfortunately, nowadays, everybody thinks that they are a mechanic or at least able to fix up their cars and motorbikes just like they see people doing on television. Sadly, most people end up ruining their beloved vehicles and instead customize it so much that it actually stops working. In fact, armchair mechanics are more likely to completely mess up their ride than enhance it, even if they believe what they are doing is correct.

If we are lucky, the person sees what they are doing and stops immediately. If we are unlucky, the person takes the Frankenstein-inspired vehicle onto the streets, endangering the world around us and themselves. So, let’s take a look at this madness. Here are 20 things mods people think it’s still safe to do in 2019.


Lift kits are common among automobiles, especially pickups, with drivers believing that it looks cool and somewhat impressive. Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth, with lift kits mostly being just another useless and danger modification that amateurs are seemingly obsessed with. Plus, most drivers originally lift their vehicles in the hope that they will look unique and different from everybody else. However, these days, the practice is so common that almost every young person has done this at least one to their car. In all seriousness, though, lift kits can be dangerous and expose the car to hazards and breakages.


Why can’t people just be happy with their vehicles? Why do they have to be so obsessed with modifying them beyond recognition? Take lowriders, for example, which are another pointless customization that only serves to make the car look ridiculous. Strangely, the practice is one of the most popular trends of the moment and can be seen all over the world. However, lowering your car or truck is actually more dangerous than one would think and can also seriously damage the car in the process. Furthermore, it also forces drivers to drive extremely slow or not at all, especially on slopes and hills.


One of the most popular car modifications at the moment is tinting up the windows and pretending you’re a celebrity. That’s right, tinted windows are usually used to make you feel important, with the idea that you hiding from the paparazzi thus escaping the mundane reality of everyday life. However, in reality, they make you look silly, ridiculous, and, most of all, seriously uncool. Furthermore, tinted windows can be pretty dangerous and are terrible at protecting you from the sun. Plus, they are against the rules in a number of places across the globes, so that’s also a pretty big reason not to get them installed.


Giant exhausts are all the rage at the moment, especially with young kids and those who have no idea what they are doing. Yes, for some reason, having a large exhaust system is the cool thing to do, with many drivers believing that it makes their car look that extra bit special. Sadly, it looks the opposite and is also extremely expensive to maintain. Plus, big exhausts are also terrible for the environment, so while they are costing you a fortune, they are also burning a big hole in the ozone layer. And, just to make matters worse, they are also exceptionally loud, thus contributing to noise pollution. How nice!


A spoiler is a device which attempts to “spoil” unfavorable air movement across the body of the car (while in motion, of course). The object is usually placed at the back of the car to create downforce and the feeling of extra rear-end traction when driving. Spoilers should only be used on cars that need them; you know, those Formula one cars and not your average car on the street. However, this doesn’t stop people from doing it, with car enthusiasts across the globe plonking spoilers onto the back of their vehicles to make them cool. In fact, they don’t look cool and they can make a car handle even worse.


Why is it that the people who blast out their music whilst driving are normally the worst kinds of people in general? Don’t get me wrong, a good sound system is a positive addition to any car because everybody likes music, right? However, when people start being obnoxious about it, that’s when the grumbling begins. That bass comes in all different shapes and sizes, as well as price tags. Sadly, some drivers seem to think that the bigger and more expensive their subwoofers are, the better they will sound. Plus, in addition to being extremely loud and annoying, a large sound system is also extremely thirsty and will end up costing you more as time goes on.


Car modifications range from the very extreme to the incredibly pointless, with tailgate nets most definitely fitting into the latter category. So, what exactly are tailgate nets? The mod is supposed to keep the air moving and reduce drag while driving. In fact, tailgate nets are also said to provide ventilation, which then creates a smoother and quicker ride. However, a number of people claim that they don’t notice a difference, with the mod being there to look good rather than do anything spectacular. That’s right, it seems the modification is more of an aesthetic than anything else and is actually utterly useless.


Lighting is a major player in the wonderful world of modifications, with underglow quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to increase the look of your vehicle. Underglow mostly consists of neon or LED lighting and is supposed to make your vehicle look extremely cool and sophisticated. Sadly, this is most definitely not the case and is not only ridiculous but incredibly expensive. That’s right, installing underglow and other custom lighting is a pricey affair and can seriously put someone out of pocket. Furthermore, such lighting has hazardous effects and can often be mistaken for emergency services, thus creating more danger.


Firstly, all wraps are bad—let’s just get that straight. Yes, no matter what you think, wrapping your car is always going to be a bad decision. Whether it be a car, motorcycle, pickup truck, or even a tank, wraps are the work of amateurs. Sadly, not everybody is of this opinion, with car wrapping now one of the most popular things to do to your car. Furthermore, it also has a dangerous quality to it, a quality that not many people realize. That’s right, wraps can often be distracting and have been known to cause accidents. Plus, chrome wraps (pictured above) can increase unwanted attention that is attracted the bling.


Rolling coal is probably one of the worst modifications on this list and something that should be banned immediately. Thankfully, some states are already putting this into action, however, it doesn’t’ stop knuckleheads from continuing to do it. So what exactly is it? Rolling coal is when the driver increases the amount of diesel in their engine, which then causes a black smoke effect and a whole host of pollutants. Not only does this damage the environment but it also can also cause extreme respiratory problems for those with breathing difficulties. It’s gross and it needs to stop.


Scissor doors are mostly associated with Lamborghini, with the term “Lambo doors” now a common expression within the automobile community. However, for some reason, people who don’t have a Lamborghini also want to have scissor doors, with the “scissor door on regular cars” trend becoming a real-life problem. That’s right, applying scissor doors to standard vehicles is now a common trend, even though it’s incredibly expensive—and that’s not to mention that it’s dangerous. Yes, scissor doors are extremely prone to breaking and in some cases, even falling off their hinges. Can you imagine how much that costs to fix? No thanks.


Everyone likes a little bounce in their step, especially truck drivers. That’s right, adding aftermarket suspension as a modification to your vehicle is one of the most popular mods out there. Yes, aftermarket suspension systems like solid bushings and stiffer sway bars might have their benefits but the negatives seriously outweigh the positives. For instance, not only are they expensive, but they also leave your car open to new damages and breakages. A poorly executed job can cause the suspension and the steering parts to disconnect, which then causes the tires to rub the body while turning or going over bumps. It’s just not worth it.


Nitrous Oxide is a common addition to a number of cars these days, so what exactly is it? To put it simply, some drivers inject NOS into their engines, where it combusts faster and more powerfully than the normal combination of fuel and air. The practice is against the rules in some countries, but it doesn’t stop people from doing it. It is one of the easiest ways to gain speed while driving and also one of the most exciting. However, people have accused the method as a form of cheating, especially within the world of street racing. Furthermore, it is said to be dangerous because it is literally more combustible than gasoline.


These days, regular car owners are so desperate to look cool and hip that they will do anything to make their average, old bangers somewhat interesting. That’s right, for some reason, the practice of installing sports seats into regular cars has become a common occurrence, with drivers believing that it will transform their rust-bucket into a monster machine. Sadly, it doesn’t quite work like that, with the car still looking as terrible as it did before. However, only this time, it looks as if it has been constructed by a group of teenagers in order to impress their friends. Plus, it can also be pretty dangerous and reports that the seats can actually do more harm when in an accident are fairly common.


Lighting is a major part of the wonderful world of car modifications, with car owners all over the world constantly thinking of new and inventive ways to light up their cars and irritate other drivers. That’s right, the practice of lighting can be exceptionally annoying, not to mention distracting. But modifying headlights have become against the rules in a number of places, mostly due to the fact that only enforcement vehicles can have such advanced lighting. Yes, regular cars with modified headlights can often be mistaken for police cars, which is not only against the rules but also highly dangerous.


These days, some drivers will do anything to be the center of attention; from rolling coal to creating irritating noises from their cars, car owners really can be a pain in the neck. Whistle tips, also known as whistlers, are the latest annoying trend to come out of the wonderful world of car modifications and are probably one of the worst mods on the list. That’s right, the device, which modifies the exhaust pipe, is designed to create a high pitch whistle from your car, a noise that can be heard almost a mile away. Therefore, not only is this extremely annoying but also distracting and dangerous. Thankfully, measures have recently been put into place to ban them.


People really will modify anything, won’t they? That’s right, these days the practice of modifying your license plate has now become an actual thing, with people all over the world framing their license plates to look prettier and classy. Yes, you read that correctly, people are actually putting a frame over another frame in order to spice up their license plate for passersby. However, what they don’t realize is that nobody cares, not enough to actually look down there anyway (unless you have a committed an infraction and they need your numbers, of course). Furthermore, framing your plates is actually against the rules in some parts of the world as it counts as obstructing important information.


These days, the idea of stopping, enjoying a meal, and stretching your legs is a thing of the past, with the pressure to keep on driving, eat on the go, and reach your destination as soon as possible. As a result, cars are becoming more accessible to everyday items and from cupholders to phone chargers and speakerphones to storage spaces, the idea is that you’ll never have to leave your car ever again. Take the new tray holder, for example, a tray designed for drivers to eat while on the go. However, although it might sound clever and like a great way to save time, it is actually rather dangerous, with people prone to taking their eyes off the road and focusing on their food instead.


This is not really a modification but something that drivers are prone to do on regular occasions. Yes, drivers are seemingly obsessed with taking pictures, wherever they are. However, not many people realize the dangers this has for the driver but also those around them. For instance, so much can happen within that second of taking the picture, from cars changing lanes and red lights to a change in weather and speed limits, taking photographs on your phone is a definite no. In fact, the practice of taking selfies while driving has contributed to a rise in accidents over the last few years, so don’t let yourself be another statistic.


Fake engine sounds (hilariously known as “dirty little secrets”) are fake noises that are supposed to inform other drivers of how cool you are. That’s right, the sounds are designed to give the impression that your engine is hardcore and extremely loud due to its power and ability. However, the sounds are lies and actually, come from a box that only produces noise and nothing else. Yes, this really is a thing, with people all over the world adopting the practice just to make themselves look big and impressive. Sadly, it is neither and just really annoying, distracting, and actually kind of dangerous.

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