2,500 HP Nissan GT-R Alpha G Sets 6s 1/4-Mile World Records, Is A Customer Car

The Nissan GT-R scene has just been rocked this weekend, with Godzilla having now descended into the 6s quarter-mile arena. That’s right ladies and gentlemen drivers, the R35, which came to the world back in 2007 as an 11.6s factory stock animal, has finally reached the magic six.

The TX2K17 drag racing event saw a customer car managing to pull a 6.937s run at 196 mph, with the GT-R Alpha G setting two records at the Texan event – the R35 also became the world’s first six-second all-wheel-drive machine.

The story of Gidi’s Alpha G goes back to the days when the man was driving an AMS Performance-modded GT-R that slipped on its own oil and got totaled. That’s when the guy decided he needed to push things further than ever before using a new development, with the turbos being relocated in the nose of the thing, which allowed for larger units to be fitted.

Nevertheless, when it comes to such drag strip numbers, being able to put north of 2,500 hp down is just as important as the max output number – for instance, the car had blown two engines before setting the record pass.

The battle for an 1,320 feet ET value that would start with a “6” has been going on for quite a while, involving no less than four developers from two parts of the world.

Aside from AMS and T1, which come from the US, Bahrain-based Ekanoo Racing, as well as Dubai’s Alpha Logic are in the race. And now that AMS’ customer car has raised the bar (should we say “lowered”?), don’t expect the other developers to back off.

In fact, we’ve added a second piece of footage below the one that shows the record-setting run. The video at the bottom of the page talks about the struggle of the four teams and, once you zoom in on their work, you’ll easily understand why the record mentioned above is now in great danger. Oh, and all the effort might also explain the tons of hugs that followed the now-famous run


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