You can be Own this original 1990 wonderful BMW E30 M3

You can be Own this original 1990 wonderful BMW M3. This exceptional and highly original 1990 wonderful BMW M3 is the finest example that you have seen.

Vehicle Description

Permed hair, shoulder pads, rolled up jacket sleeves and sweaters draped over your shoulders all point squarely to one unforgettable decade – the 1980’s. A moment in time so vilified from the moment Big Ben ushered in the 1990’s, is now looked back on as a time which was fun, experimental and actually pretty cool. Who would have thought that nearly 30 years later, Rick Astley would be the darling of the current University crowd? Not even Rick’s mum would have put money on that. His number one smash hit, “Never Gonna Give You Up” was certainly a dance floor anthem and struck a chord in more ways than one. It was absolutely true for a whole generation of petrolheads who literally couldn’t get enough of the motoring star of the eighties, the BMW E30 3 series.
The motorsport inspired E30 M3 in convertible form represented the ultimate in late 80’s flamboyance.

With only 786 M3 convertibles produced, this is the one that ticks all the boxes for the collector wanting the best. One of only 476 of the more powerful 215 bhp cars in the perfect colour combination, 21,000 miles from new, full service history, only two owners, hardtop and in as new condition inside, outside and underneath. This is the most original and untouched E30 M3 Convertible we have seen in a very, very long time.
Please ask for underside pictures. It is truly amazing. The underside of the car is spotless, untouched and original. Every single brake pipe, fuel pipe, cadmium plated clip, nut, bolt, washer and suspension component are in the same condition as the day she left the production line.
The original BMW transit wax applied to the underside of the car is still present. It was hard to know how best to approach the engine bay of this time warp. We decided to leave well alone at this point due to the engine, inlet manifold and inner front wings also still being coated in original twenty five year old transit wax. It would appear the car has never seen the rain and it seems a shame to remove this after all these years. The BMW stamped lead seal is still present around the differential speed speedo sensor. Incredible!

BMW E30 M3 Convertible (215bhp)
Built 6/10/1991
First registered 1/1/1992
21,000 Miles
2 Owners
Full service history
Diamond black
Lotus white leather. Extended
Sports seats
Heated front seats
Headlight load level
On-board computer
16” Alpina wheels
Factory hardtop
Cassette holder
BMW Bavaria C Class radio cassette
The car has passed through our workshop for our normal inspection and report. The following programme of both age related and preventive maintenance will be carried out to the car prior to delivery to the lucky new owner.
Carry out Inspection II service
Carry out annual check
Replace split and perished fuel filter to regulator hose
Replace fuel damper as cover missing
Replace missing exhaust manifold studs and nuts
Replace corroded rear exhaust box
Rebuild faulty driver’s door lock

Remove instruments to remove dead flyFeatured

Replace o/s/f missing floor pan bung
Replace missing mats
Rectify slow and sticky o/s/f window
Rectify faulty heated seats
Replace alternator and PAS belts
Replace water pump as slight play
Replace cracked o/s/f foflight
Repair broken boot hinge wiring loom
Replace battery tray clips
Replace missing rear caliper bolt plugs
Attend to surface rust around ABS sensor and brake pipe bracket o/s/f inner wing.
Road test and MOT
She will be delivered with the original BMW hardtop, the convertible wind deflector, spare keys, German Fahrzeugbrief (registration document)original service wallet, handbooks, stamped service book, hardtop operating instructions, every UK MOT, wind deflector brochure, BMW accessories brochure and original BMW radio still installed.

Who want to be owner this Fantastic E30
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