6 Tips For Keeping Your Car Interior Clean And Smudge Free

Get The Right Cleaning Materials and Tools

Keeping the interior of your car clean can be a challenge, especially for people with children, pets or friends that regularly come along for the ride. 

The best way to get the inside of your vehicle is to have it professionally detailed, but in the meantime, there are some steps that you can take to preserve the interior. This article will outline the methods and car care products you should use to keep your car looking magnificent inside.

Get The Right Cleaning Materials and Tools

Your collection of cleaning products and a decent vacuum cleaner should already make up most of the necessary items you will need. Here are the essential items you will need:

Vacuum cleaners with extended hoses and attachments work best – attachments are needed to reach hard-to-reach areas and carpets. Steam cleaning machines are also effective.

Chemical cleaners are likely to be on hand already to clean vinyl, plastic, upholstery, and carpet. Take a look at the surfaces of your car and gather your favourite cleaning products.

To complete serious detailing tasks, you will need all kinds of towels and rags, including terry cloth towels for scrubbing and fine cloth rags for polishing and cleaning. Using a microfiber cloth leaves surfaces shiny without causing scratches. Check to see if the cloths are free of residual chemicals before using them.

Brushes and applicators of various sizes need to be used in difficult-to-reach places, such as air vents. The brush, sponge, or rag you need will depend on the type of cleaner you are using. Use the appropriate applicator and follow the directions on the label. It can make a world of difference.

Establish A Weekly Routine

If you want your vehicle to be clean at all times, you are going to need to put in the work. Ticking off this basic checklist will help keep your vehicle interior clean and help prevent stains and permanent marks.

  • Using a damp cloth, wipe down all surfaces made from vinyl, leather, and plastic. To ensure a dust-free finish, a microfiber detailing towel is best, as it is lint-free and won’t leave behind any residue.
  • Get rid of the dust and dirt by shaking or brushing your floor mats.
  • Pick up any rubbish and empty all console storage bins.
  • Wipe the door jambs and window sills down with a damp towel.
  • Wet a microfiber detailing towel and wipe down the interior window glass and rearview mirror. Cleaning your windows with a glass cleaner is not necessary if they are reasonably clean.

How To Remove Pet Hair 

If your dog is part of the family, they probably spend a fair bit of time in the car. This means troublesome hairs that tend to attach themselves everywhere. 

You can remove hair from your car’s upholstery or carpet by using a rubber glove. Household rubber gloves can be used for this purpose. When choosing this option, you should choose gloves that have nubs on the palm. 

If you have a dry glove on, run your hand along the top and bottom of the carpeted areas in your car. If you don’t achieve the results you expect after using the dry process, you can wet the glove. Wet hair clumps and gets heavier with moisture.

How To Clean Your Upholstery

Getting your car’s seats clean will depend on the type of material they are made of. Usually, a quick vacuum will remove any loose dirt from cloth seats. In addition, stubborn stains can be removed with just a little water and a disinfectant

For leather seats, pick up some special cleaning agents such as soaps or shampoos at the nearest car service centre. Alternatively, natural products can be used as well. Make sure you distribute it evenly over the leather as you work it in. Using a leather conditioner after cleaning it can help keep it in great shape for a longer period of time.

Keeping Your Floors Pristine

With passengers trampling over the floor and leaving rubbish scattered all around, your car’s floor is likely to be the dirtiest part of its interior. You should definitely invest in some floor mats for your car if it doesn’t have them already.

The easiest way to keep the floor clean is to remove these mats, shake off any dirt and grime, and vacuum again. Make sure to do this regularly, like once a week, so dirt doesn’t build up.

You might have to do more work on stains on the carpet itself. Treat the stain with a simple stain remover and scrub or wipe the area off. Vacuum over it again once the stain has been removed.

Overcoming The Challenges Of Cleaning Your Console

The numerous controls and buttons on your car can make cleaning them a challenge. Dust can accumulate in every crevice and crack. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this problem.

You can make yourself a specialised tool for cleaning your console’s tightest nooks and crannies by wrapping a cloth around the tip of a flathead screwdriver.

In order to avoid making the screwdriver head too bulky, use the thinnest cloth possible. A plastic knife wrapped in a cloth or cotton swab will do instead if you are worried that a metal screwdriver may hurt your console.

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