A Hidden Gem: This BMW M1 is a Rare Barn Find

Not often do you just happen upon beautiful works of art in lost garages… but that’s exactly what happened with this BMW M1. Hidden away in a southern Italian garage since 1982, 36 years later this M1 was rediscovered and reclaimed with only 7,000km on the odometer.

While buried amongst tools, trash, and odds and ends, this M1 was in remarkable condition for its age and was able to be taken in quickly to begin restoration. Not only has this car been refinished and repaired, it is more than road-ready after its going-over by the BMW Classic Group in Munich.

What makes this even more special is that this is the only M1 in existence that has never been registered. All original tools, books, luggage, and other add-ons were found with the car and restored to their former glory as well.

We’re bummed we haven’t had a chance to see the car in person for ourselves, but even from the pictures, you can see how meticulous and careful the restorers were with this historic car.

Sometimes you just get lucky.

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