Car Auctions: The Complete Guide to Buying a Car at Auction

Research The Cars

Car Auctions: The Complete Guide to Buying a Car at Auction

In theory, buying a car from an auction should save you more money than shopping for a car at a dealership. If you’re wanting to test the waters of the car auction world, it’s important to know a few things in advance. 

Research The Cars

Some auctions let you peruse the listings before the auction happens. If the listing includes VINs, you can look up the car on CarFax to find out the complete owner and repair history. You can also lookup the market value of the car to avoid a bidding war. AutoSpeed can tell you everything you need to know about cars before going in.

Prepare To Be Flexible

Don’t focus too hard on a particular listing. By their nature, car auctions are tricky affairs and there may be any number of people gunning after the same vehicle. If you become outbid too quickly on a listing, it might be best to go after your second or third option.

Stay Aware Of The Rules

Auctions come with their own rules, and knowing those rules in advance can give you an edge. If you need to provide identification or if the auction has specific payment terms, knowing these can make everything easier. Some auctions even allow you to inspect the car.

Bring A Buddy

Car auctions can be a somewhat tumultuous experience, and it’s nice having someone with you that can keep you focused. A partner might have some objective reasoning, or notice things you miss in a listing. 

Don’t Stray From Your Budget

Don’t overbid. When you have the winning bid, traditionally you will have to pay some of the cost (or all of it) right then. Stick to your budget, and don’t let yourself get swept into a fervor just because you might lose a listing you wanted. PartsAvatar has everything you need at a fair price to fix up a car post-auction.

Car auctions can be intimidating, but if you go in prepared you can end up with a great vehicle!

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Kathryn Fowler

Kathryn Fowler is the Marketing Manager at PartsAvatar. She’s been passionate about cars since childhood. She loves examining different components of cars to understand their operation. Kathryn started writing blogs on automobile parts to share her love for cars and educate automobile enthusiasts worldwide.



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