Colin McRae’s 1997 Subaru Impreza WRC Is Up For Sale

That’s right; the very same car that got you neck-deep into Subarus is now looking for a new owner.

This 1997 Impreza WRC is chassis No.3, the same car the late Colin McRae drove in the Monte Carlo with Nicky Grist on his side.

This was WRC cars were firstly introduced, replacing the Group A in the World Rally Championship. The fact that the car didn’t actually finish that race is completely irrelevant for most people who are going to be very intrigued by the prospect of owning one of McRae’s race cars – and the one he’s certainly most associated with.

In 1998 the car fell in the hands of the Polish rally driver Krzysztof Holowczyc, who drove it in the rallies of Portugal, Argentina, San Remo and Spain that year. From 1999 and up until 2008 it participated at several rallies of the WRC and ERC with privateers.

The car was the restored and in 2009 participated for the last time at the Rally Legend of San Marino. Since then it was sitting as a part of a private collection and moved only for short drives.

Iconic cars don’t come much more iconic than this; A blue-on-gold Subaru Impreza WRC driven by the demigod Colin McRae offered for sale is indeed a rare opportunity, so if your heart (and more importantly, your wallet) is up for the task, you need to get in Germany and pay Mohr Klassik a visit.


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