Driver Narrowly Escapes Death From Massive Flying Sawblade

That was close

He says he was weak in the knees but I’m willing to bet he was also brown in the shorts.

A Chinese man is lucky to be alive today after a close encounter with a massive circular sawblade sliced halfway through his engine compartment while driving on the highway. He was barely able to pull his vehicle over to the side of the road amid his panic and the steam pouring from his engine.

The sawblade came from across the highway. In a collision with the guardrail another truck carrying the huge metal discs lost its load. Most of the blades landed in the highway median, but the one sawblade managed to clear the rail into the opposing traffic and embed itself 20 inches deep in the Chinese man’s truck.

The blades weren’t secured in the bed of the truck well, and it sounds like the driver may have nodded off that the wheel. The 60 inch blades appear to be for cutting concrete or stone, and look well used, so were probably being removed from a construction site or mine.

Let’s add this one to the list of 1000 Ways To Die.


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