Here Are Lots Of Old And New Aston Martins Gathered Under One Roof

In the past, Aston Martin changed hands more times than could be counted. And in those tumultuous times for the British brand, Aston Martin somehow managed to build breathtaking cars that ooze sportiness, sensuality, and the British way of doing things.

In fact, the Gaydon-based company designed some of its most celebrated road and racing cars when it was on the brink of financial collapse. And even when things went bust, a helping hand got the automaker out of trouble, continuing a story started by Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford in 1913.

I’m a sucker for many Astons from the distant and not so distant past, including the Le Mans short chassis, DB4 GT Zagato, the original V8 Vantage, and full-on racers such as the DBR1. But ever since Ford sold the British company to its current owners, Aston Martin flourished like a fair flower.

Under the leadership of Dr. Andy Palmer, there’s never been a period more fruitful for the automaker than these past years. And with the advent of the DB11, Aston Martin reiterated that it’s here to stay, and the sky is the limit.

To this effect, the higher-ups decided that it’s high time to jump on the sport utility vehicle bandwagon. The first SUV from Aston Martin is called DBX. Slated to go into production in 2019 at St Athan, three super hangars formerly used by the RAF will be converted to support DBX production.

To celebrate the transfer of ownership of the three South Wales-based super hangars, Aston Martin produced a film which stars £65 million worth of old and new vehicles. In fact, the cars are put through their paces under the same roof, with plenty of sideways action, a little bit of comedic relief, and James Bond nods on the sides. If you have six minutes to spare from your otherwise busy day, then do the right thing: Press play and enjoy the ride.


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