Huge Stash Of Barn Finds Found In France!

Old Cars Again

More often than not, haphazard collections of vehicles may contain one or two interesting cars or trucks that drive up interest in an auction, with the remaining vehicles usually a mix of mildly appealing projects. Not so with this recently announced auction happening on January 20th, which will feature an extensive and varied collection of highly collectible assets, including a genuine Lamborghini Miura, as seen here. You’ll find all of the details here on, and an extensive gallery showing every kind of classic imaginable. Special thanks to Hemery P for this tip!

This is an early Porsche 356, a may even be a “bent window” example based on the curvature at the top of the glass. The engine lid is missing and I’m sure the floors are practically gone, but this is a desirable specimen nonetheless. It’s parked next to a gorgeous E-Type coupe, and both cars appear to have been parked for decades upon decades.

An L82-powered Corvette is also in the mix, and its open windows have done the interiors no favors. A key and tag is still in the ignition, and the Corvette appears to be all there despite being relegated to a part of the shop with exposed walls. It’s hard to tell exactly what sort of compound the cars are stored in, but it’s a sprawling complex.

Lots of American classics are stored there, somewhat surprising for a French collection. That includes this dusty Lincoln Continental Convertible, which joins several Oldsmobiles and Cadillacs that up until recently were crammed crudely into place with no sense of order to the collection. It’s hard to capture just how many interesting cars are contained within these concrete walls, so be sure to visit the website if you’re curious.

This Hotchkiss Grégoire caught my eye, simply because I have never seen one before. The listing claims it’s a prototype of sorts, which would be fascinating considering less than 300 were ever made. These featured front-wheel drive and were quite luxurious when new; alas, the high price tag limited their sales success and lead to production being canceled.

The collection has thankfully been organized into a showroom-style arrangement, as the “before” pictures show cars and trucks stored in the weeds outside the facility in addition to being tossed into different sections of the building with no particular order assigned to their location. Once you take it all in, are there any cars or trucks you’ll be hopping on a plane for in order to inspect in person?



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