I Am Dumbfounded by the Absurdity of This 1,000 HP Toyota Hilux Rat Rod

Josh Mazerolle’s truck is a 1977 Toyota Hilux (cool) with an LS V8 (whoa) twin-turbocharged (what?) to “about 1,000 wheel horsepower” (!) and the build process itself sounds just as improbable.

This video is the first in a new series profiling car enthusiasts and their machines called Terminal Apex by Heavy Metal Concepts, a video production company you definitely would’ve heard of if you follow off-road racing because its King of the Hammers coverage is always awesome.

Anyway, if the rest of the cars they found are anywhere near as interesting as this Frankenyota, it should be a pretty cool series to follow.

I’m not even typically onboard with the “zero-Fs given” rat rod build style, I’m more of a neat freak myself, but this is just too extreme not to appreciate. And the owner Mazerolle sounds properly interesting.

A trip to pick the truck up, originally, from Arizona to his home in New Hampshire “was supposed to be a two week trip… took three months” and kicked off the bonkers build you see in the video. But I’ll let him tell the whole story.

Suddenly I’m inspired to start turning wrenches all over again.



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