Is Jaguar E-Type the Best British Car of All Times?

Come on, fellow petrolheads, this question deserves an answer, and we’d love to hear your proposals. But before you do that, let’s take a moment and see a potential list of nominees.

The list doesn’t belong to us and it is, in fact, a worldwide poll to find the best British car ever, managed by Classic & Sports Car magazine. However, the search for the best car the UK had to give since the beginning of time is not an easy task.

If you’re wondering why, the answer is plain and simple: because the Brits knew how to build cars, and they came up with so many amazing automobiles that even a ten-car list is hard to put together without leaving a few icons on the touchline.

The global pool will close in two weeks time, on August 1 but it looks like the Jaguar E-Type is leading the ranks, followed by the Mini Cooper S, Austin Seven and McLaren F1 in fourth place.

The fifth, sixth and seventh spots are taken by Range Rover, Lotus Seven and Bentley Speed Six while the last three positions see the likes of Ford GT40, Jaguar XKSS and Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost. We don’t know about you, but in my book the McLaren F1 would sit higher up in the rankings, and the same goes for the Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost.

Sure, subjectivity is the name of the game here, that’s why we want to hear your opinion on this matter. So, what would you pick for the best British car ever built?  

Voting is hotting up in a new global poll by Classic & Sports Car magazine to find the best British car of all time, with the much-loved Jaguar E-type taking a narrow lead with just a few weeks to go until the poll closes.

Once referred to as the most beautiful car ever by Enzo Ferrari, the E-type is just edging out its nearest rival, the Mini Cooper S, but with polls at open until 1st August, there’s every chance that lead could change hands.

With cars as varied as the Austin Seven, McLaren F1, Ford GT40 and Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost also making up the top ten shortlist, Classic & Sports Car is calling on enthusiasts to vote now to make sure their favourite gets the recognition it deserves.

The winner of the new worldwide poll will be revealed at Classic & Sports Car – The London Show, held at Alexandra Palace from 30th October to 1st November 2015. The magazine’s all-new historic motoring show will feature more than 300 of the world’s most prestigious classic cars from world-famous collectors and world-renowned classic car retailers.

Revealing the best British car of all time will certainly be one of the event’s biggest highlights though. Enthusiasts can pick from ten historically significant British cars, with the leaderboard currently looking like this:

1. Jaguar E-type
2. Mini Cooper S
3. Austin Seven
4. McLaren F1
5. Range Rover
6. Lotus Seven
7. Bentley Speed Six
8. Ford GT40
9. Jaguar XKSS
10. Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost

“The E-type is without doubt one of the most beautiful and desirable British cars ever. I’m not surprised to see that it’s currently leading the thousands of votes we’ve received. It is a true icon,” said group editor, James Elliott. “With the poll so tight, though, just a few votes could make all the difference! Our amazing shortlist is full of pioneers and with just a few weeks to go before the poll closes, I would urge people to vote now for their favourite and make their feelings heard. I can’t wait to reveal the winner at Alexandra Palace this autumn with all the pomp and ceremony it deserves.”

Contenders for the crown will be on display at Alexandra Palace alongside the eventual winner. To cast your vote, simply visit before 1st August. A random draw will select 25 participants who will receive a pair of free tickets to the show.


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