This McLaren F1 Has 148 Miles and the Original Factory Dashboard Wrap

Showing less than 150 factory test miles, this has to be the most original, lowest-mileage F1 in the world. And it’s for sale.

Say you’re in the market for a McLaren F1. You’ve always wanted one, but you just didn’t get to buy one back in 1992-1998 when they were originally produced. But now you want one. Good news: The lowest-mileage F1 in the world is currently for sale. And it is assuredly the most original, untouched example of the car you’ll ever find.

Feast your eyes on McLaren F1 no. 060, listed for sale at Tom Hartley Jnr of England. This dandelion yellow example with a dark grey interior shows just 239 km (148.5 miles) on the odometer—all of them pre-delivery test miles conducted by McLaren technicians, according to the seller.

It is exceedingly original. The car still wears the protective interior foam wrapping applied at the factory back in 1997. Never driven—never even registered—it comes complete with the factory Facom tool chest, a spare removable steering wheel, custom-fit McLaren luggage, and an LM-style upgraded exhaust system, all original and all still in their factory packaging.

But the original owner’s loss is your gain. The F1 is infinitely rebuildable, and to this day, McLaren employs a world-class team of specialists ready to deploy anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice to maintain or repair your F1. While the first owner may never have driven it, the second owner will potentially have hundreds of thousands of miles of joy ahead.

Then again, the first owner may have had the right idea all along: While we don’t know the asking price on the car today, we’re certain it represents a huge profit over the original selling price.

We’ve reached out to the dealership, and to McLaren, to see if we can learn more about this exceedingly original F1. We will update this post with what we find out. In the meantime, if you’d like to see it in your garage, peruse the listing at Tom Hartley Jnr.


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