Mini Cooper 970S (1964 – 1965)


The reduction in engine size and power for 1964’s 970S Cooper might have seemed a strange move but it was built simply as a homologation special with a short-stroke 970cc engine developing 65bhp. The specialist engine was pricey to manufacture, so BMC made it a special-order model; thus very few were sold.

Aside from the engine, the mechanical specification was the same as for the 1071S. Hydrolastic suspension made an appearance three months after launch but the car itself only lasted a further seven months after this change

The Mini-Cooper 970S was launched

In March 1964 a pair of Cooper S variants appeared – the 970S and the 1275S. The 970S was a homologation special, using a shorter block than the 1071S. It was designed to compete in the 1.0-litre category and used a shorter stroke than the 1071S to attain 65bhp. Just under 1000 were made in a year. Because it had a larger bore than the 997 and 998cc Mini Coopers the 970S could use larger valves.

MINI Cooper 970S Specifications
0–60 13.0 s
Top speed 95 mph
Power 65 bhp
Torque 57 lb ft
Weight 630 kg

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