More than 1,000 abandoned vehicles towed away Muscat Municipality

Muscat: More than 1,000 vehicles were towed away in Seeb in 2017, the Muscat Municipality has revealed.

The authorities also recorded a large number of vehicles being discarded in various wilayats of the Muscat Governorate.

The vehicles were towed away from places like Muttrah, Wadi Kabir, Ruwi, Bausher and Ghala industrial area, a statement from the Muscat Municipality said.

Abandoned cars are a constant eyesore for residents and ruin the aesthetic look of the city, as they are often seen gathering dust close to mosques, car workshops and in public car parks.

Residents are, as a result, calling on the authorities to move the cars or to call the owners to take responsibility and ensure their removal as soon as possible.

Muscat Municipality officials have said that abandoning vehicles for long periods contradicts the provisions of administrative decision no. 171/2018.

“Article 2 of the regulation prohibits owners of vehicles from leaving their vehicles in public places in a way that distorts the general appearance of the place. Article 3 stipulates that the Municipality shall put up a warning poster on abandoned vehicles distorting the general appearance of the place,” the official from the authority stated.

He continued saying that Article 4 stipulates that the Municipality may tow and seize vehicles discarded in public places at the expense of the owner, 14 days from the date of placing the warning poster without taking any responsibility for damage to the vehicle during transportation to the place of reservation, and during reservation time.

“According to Article 5, the spokesperson from the municipality said that an administrative fine is imposed on the owner of a neglected vehicle after impounding it, once the owner appeals to the Municipality. Cars and buses that transport 15 passengers or less, and bicycles will be fined OMR200. Whereas, it will be OMR400 for trucks, buses that transport more than 15 passengers, and trailers, tractors, and equipment,” he explained.

In addition to that, vehicles intended to transport hazardous materials will be fined OMR1,000.

Another OMR5 will be imposed on the owner of a neglected vehicle for each day delayed in collecting the vehicle from the impound site, the official said. “Lastly, Article 6 stipulates that the Municipality will coordinate with the Royal Oman Police to take action to sell the neglected vehicles in a public auction in case the owner of the vehicle fails to appeal to the Municipality to take his vehicle, and pay the fees due within 90 days from the date of towing away the vehicle without an acceptable excuse,” the official added.


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