Most Beautiful Porsche Ever Made

Let’s travel a bit back in time to 1946 when the very first Porsche 356 was made. Having a lush history this Porsche is one the most beautiful and rarest Porsches ever made. But tragically only 76 000 were made.

Not even half surviving of this magnificent car. There were four different models made of the 356. Let’s take a quick look at them.

356 (PRE A)

This was the start of the beauty of the 356’s lush history. Sadly only 7,627 units of this rose were made. The first 356 was made between 1948 and 1955.

356 A

Luckily 21,045 units of this one were made. But still few survive today. This beauty was produced from 1955 to 1959

356 B

The gem out of the four to me this is probably the most prettiest out of the four models. But like the other two it was made in a short time period and few of them survive today.

356 C

This was the final model made of the 356 and sadly the end of its grace. Only 16,678 units were made of this lovely car. It was made from 1963 to 1965 which was the end for this masterpiece.


Here is just a bit more history on the Porsche 356.


Legacy is one thing this masterpiece is short of. Having a reputation for rallying and car racing events is a favorite among the car world press. Even in 2004, Sports Car International ranked the 356 C tenth on their list of top sports cars of the 1960s. Talking about a medal of honor. It’s also a favorite collectible among us car enthusiasts.


You might think TV!, when was it there? Well a black Porsche 356 A features in the manga and anime series Case Closed. Another Porsche 356 A also features in the case “The Four Porsches” of the same series! I got to check out that show sometime.


Number 53456, the first 356 Carrera ever produced. Reinhard Schmidt was it’s first ever owner of this beauty. You might be wondering when this was found out. Well it was analyzed in February 2018 by Quattroruote’s subsidiary Ruoteclassiche. It was estimated that its price was about € 335000. That’s quite a lot of money.


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