New 2019 Porsche 911 spied – this is everything you need to know

Development of the new 911 continues with big changes due underneath and inside for Porsche’s core model.

The next generation 911 has been spied once again, this time the pictures partially reveal its all-new interior as well as its fresh body. Due for release around 2019, the new 911 won’t look hugely different on the outside, but will represent another leap in chassis and interior tech from the current 991.

 Spied here with an all-new body, the biggest changes to the 911’s exterior look to be concentrated around the rear. Much like its larger siblings, the new 911 incorporates a full-width rear light bar, again giving the car a whiff of 993 about its rear view. Also featuring will be a full-width rear wing with a sleeker integration of slatted engine cover and rear screen.

This connection to the 993 is also to be seen at the front, with a new squared-off bonnet connecting to the bumper and wings. The bonnet on the current car is rounded for reference, but it does give a subtly different face to a car that seems to evolve at a slower rate than we do. Another detail the development car reveals is the possible use of staggered wheel sizes. The car seen here in pictures seems to be running 20-inch wheels recognisable from the current 911 on the front axle and what look to be Panamera-sourced 21-inch wheels on the rear axle.

New Porsche 911 interior and digital instruments

The new 911’s cabin is where we are expecting the biggest aesthetic changes though, and now we have new images to support the theory. Spied in heavy disguise, the new 911 looks to be adopting the same combination of analogue and digital instrumentation as in the new Panamera and Cayenne. Mimicking the classic five dials of the current car’s cluster, the screens do attempt to hold onto whatever is left of Porsche’s iconic interior design language, but crucially add a welcome dash of modernity to the 911 package.

The new 911 will feature the same 12.3-inch infotainment screen as the Panamera, as well as a similar black panel centre console, reducing the button count and cleaning up the interior of ugly blank switches. The steering wheel is also new, with a slightly reshaped centre boss and dished spokes. To fasciliate the larger infotainment screen, we expect the dashboard to look significantly different to the current model’s.

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2019 Porsche 911 technical details

Chassis-wise the 911 will be based on a new modular platform, which could support hybrid integration, but Porsche is still hesitant to incorporate the tech due to the significant weight penalty according to Porsche insiders. 

As a result, most engines are expected to be carried over from the current model, as will the option of a manual gearbox, however we will have to wait and see if the 911 picks up the new eight-speed PDK gearbox from the Panamera.

As the VW Group continues to emulsify its engineering between the various brands, the Porsche 911 remains the one model least affected. This still appears to be the case with the new 911 according to these images, and Porsche’s dedication to elements like the manual gearbox and natural aspiration in its GT cars put this new 911 in very good stead for the future.

Source: EVO


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