Is the Nissan Skyline the most iconic Japanese car ever?

It is according to Japfest, anyway. Deservedly so, or should another take the top spot?

It is, according to people who attended ‘Japfest’, the Most Iconic Japanese Car ever. Yep, full caps and everything. We’re talking about the Nissan Skyline.

Organisers of Japfest carried out a survey to ask its fan base which Japanese car deserves to be recognized as the most iconic. Nissan’s legendary Skyline took the top spot.

The Toyota Supra came in second place, while third on the podium was occupied by the Subaru Impreza WRX.

“It’s no surprise to see that it’s been named as the most iconic Japanese performance car of all time,” explains Japfest event manager Katherine Chappell. No surprises for us, either, considering how much you lot out there love the Skyline.

But, should it have taken the top spot, or is another Japanese performance legend worthy of the title?

We’ve created a handy poll below, which we implore you to use. And, if you need any more guidance as to the GT-R’s provenance, have a click here to see every generation of the performance car


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