Five Porsche 911 Modifications To Avoid

One of our most popular stories this January was our list of five ways to improve your Porsche 911’s performance. However, not all modifications can be considered an upgrade. In fact, the Total 911 team believe that some tweaks to your Porsche 911 should be avoided at all costs. Here they are:

Fake Fuchs wheels


The five-leaf Fuchs wheel design is an intrinsic part of the Porsche 911’s heritage. With original alloys both rare and expensive, there have been numerous copies produced over the years but none come close to the genuine article.

Unofficial facelifts


Originally popular in the mid-Seventies when people actually wanted to fit impact bumpers to their 911, the trend has now switched to giving Porsche 997 headlights to 996s and switching Gen1 997 brake lights out for the LED Gen2 units. Be proud in your car’s original styling.

Third-party body kits

2A5P7519We all like a widebody Porsche 911 now and again. However, there are also some truly terrible third-party bodykits available (especially popular on Eighties flatnoses). Don’t believe us, just Google ‘Rinspeed 969’ or ‘Gemballa 930 Mirage’.

Singer-style recreations


Singer’s restored Porsche 964s are simply stunning. They’ve taken the Porsche 911 world by storm and led a resurgence in backdating. Some people have taken it too far though, attempting to recreate the Singer look with much less expertise and budget. Try and put your own backdate stamp on your build instead…

Steering wheel retrims

2A5P7366This is a simple one but can easily ruin the interior of a car. We’ve seen our fair share of terrible homemade steering wheel covers in our time. Another pet peeve of ours are Alcantara trimmed steering wheels in an otherwise entirely leather-clad interior (and vice versa).

From: Total911


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  1. I’ll add to that list:
    Adding more horsepower without brake and suspension upgrades. You’ll only upset the balance of the car that already has decades of racing experience and engineering in it.

    Piling on to the no- bodykit – nothing is sillier than big tires, valances and other “racer” parts on a stock car… can you say “poseur” ?

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