Ranking The 30 Worst Modified Cars Of All Time

Tuning or modifying a car is clearly a subjective thing, and it’s made based on the preferences of each car owner. Since the first tuned cars have appeared, this type of automotive industry has evolved both in good and bad directions. The new technologies and the new trends have opened the door to many new possibilities when it comes to car upgrades. However, some people don’t understand the true meaning of a tuned car, and their projects end up being selected as the worst modded rides.

The funny fact is that those people believe that those projects can be exposed at car shows and that they can even win prizes with them, but when someone tries to open their eyes, it’s realized that the project has ended up pretty badly. There was a time when the worst car mods were a very popular trend, according to ProStreetOnline, but nowadays, they cannot be considered a simple mistake made by the owner willingly or based on the advice of a friend. When there are so many possibilities to upgrade a car, from the engine to the exterior and interior, making the wrong decision can lead to a lot of problems like money loss or malfunctions. There are a lot of stunning rides that deserve to be observed, but there are also many shockingly bad modified cars that deserve some nasty comments.


One may wonder what car this one is. Is it a GMC, a Dodge, a Chevrolet, or all three at the same time? One can guess if he or she doesn’t recognize the model. Honestly, it’s an awful and meaningless car.

The mods look like this: two mirrors from a bus, probably to make those other drivers keep a safe distance; some bicycle horns to be sure it can be heard from far away; a LED light bar on the hood to be sure he or she sees the road clearly and blind everyone; and the three logos of three different automotive producers that have no possible connection to this car. Strange as it looks, someone is driving it on a daily basis and is proud of it.


This Mazda MX-5 owner wanted a special car, and he or she just got one. That rear wing is definitely making the difference between this ride and the other MX-5s that are on the streets. There was only one little problem: the rear bumper was standing in the way, so it needed to be taken off to fit.

One would wonder how it can still be aerodynamic with that statue on its back, especially when it has “Battle Aero” written on it.

However, the rest of the car remained untouched by the inexperienced hands of this wannabe tuner. This classic car shouldn’t be destroyed with such awful ideas that don’t have anything to do with it. Keep in mind that a car without a rear bumper and its reinforcement is not okay to be driven on the streets.


First of all, the chosen blue and black colors don’t match this sports car. If the owner would have let it all black and simple, it would’ve been a great ride, but instead, he or she decided to mount that brutal rear wing that seems to pull the car back instead of offering any aerodynamic help.

This ride looks like it’ll fall on the trunk when it sprints from a green traffic light. Unfortunately for the owner, he or she didn’t understand that a Toyota 86 GTS looks stunning without any crazy mods or any mods at all. Being a 2012 car, it’s also offered from the factory with a body kit that includes a large rear spoiler, according to AUSmotive.


Someone is really fond of unicorns and, for that matter, decided to transform the ride into a four-wheel horse. If there were only drawings, it would’ve been kind of okay, but it had to have real big exterior wings on the back and a huge horn on the hood to be sure that it’s really a unicorn and that no one thinks otherwise.

Sometimes, magic and magical creatures should remain inside books and definitely not on a car.

Mustang, unicorn—they’re both horses, but this type of car should be kept as a classic ride, not turned into a joke. This Mustang shouldn’t be driven on the streets anytime; if it is, the police would surely have something to say.


Well, well, well… here’s something no one would forget. The movie Death Race seems to have made a few fans. This car seems like it was made to fit in that movie and nowhere else. The different-colored body parts, the missing front bumper that’s been replaced by a huge bulbar, the lights on the roof that replaced the headlights, along with the metal frame, the skull, and the three metal things on the front fender—they all complete the strange appearance of this wannabe Death Race vehicle. When one thinks of this, one would wonder how a person can think to do such a thing to a car and then drive it from point A to point B without feeling bothered about it.


Anyone would remember that moment when there was that huge discussion about the 2012 apocalypse and how all the humans would suffer and die. This car reminds everyone of that period when everything was on fast forward and there were shelters built, homes reinforced, bunkers bought, and so on. The owner thought of everything, even going through water with it with the help of the attached snorkel.

The paint suggests it should’ve been a camouflage type of color and that the rusty back metal window cover should’ve made it bulletproof. The rear windows are protected with gratings so that everyone in the car would be safe, except the driver. Having in mind all those mods and how the car is lowered, one would be sure that this car is a lot heavier than it should be.


Everyone dreams of having a Ferrari once in a lifetime or maybe even driving one for a few hours, but this guy surely wanted to try anything just to have one, even a homemade copied version. This is definitely not a Ferrari, not even close to one, but someone spent a lot of money to be sure this car would turn heads on the street.

The owner should’ve tried at least to copy it nicely or with some resemblance with the original, but this one has nothing to do with the F50 that it tries to represent, not even the color or the wheels. It’ll be added to the worst car mods ever, and it’ll definitely turn heads—but in the wrong way.


The Smart is a nice little car that can be great when the owner lives in a crowded city and has a long ride to work each day. It’s not a cheap car actually because it’s sold by Mercedes-Benz, but the Smart from this picture just doubled its price.

Rolls-Royce is a high-end car brand that’s owned by the rich and famous.

However, the owner of this blue Smart thought it would be nice to have one with the help of his little four-wheeled friend. By adding a front grille that only resembles one of the most well-known expensive cars, the newborn car would only raise a lot of questions instead of its price. Welcome to the wonderful world of ugly mods.


Some people would like to live in the movies or would simply like to drive cars that resemble those from their favorite movies. This blue completely modified car wants to copy the Batmobile or the Transformers rides, but unfortunately, it only ends up as a strange-looking Back From the Future car or simply as a present-day out-of-the-ordinary vehicle. No one knows how to drive such a thing without being seen by law and order representatives. As it can be seen in the picture, another driver has already stopped to stare at this “beast” on wheels. One would wonder about the engine it has because the base model cannot be guessed that easily. Is it even safe, or is it a plastic assembled vehicle?


It’s not so hard to own a Lamborghini if one has a little imagination and some money to spend. Or is it true that Lamborghini has made a pickup truck? No, the truth is that this car was made by a true fan of the famous sports car, but he kind of ruined the Lamborghini name. Why should someone want to own such a car? How could that person drive it and be aware that everyone stares at it out of curiosity and without believing that such a thing could exist? Welcome to the world of endless possibilities. The wheels would fit on a muscle car, but the front of the vehicle seems to be of a strangely modified Countach. What does the owner see with those little headlights?


The Volkswagen Golf 4 presented in this picture does meet all the requirements to enter this list. The front grille is quite stunning in its hugeness and ugliness.

It seems that people don’t care to take a look around them and see what’s going on, what this tuning means, and how it can be performed without attracting all the laughs from a crowd.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of cars like this one, with badly chosen body kits and wheels, with wind guards that don’t belong, or matte paint or clinging on the hood while the rest of the car stays with the factory metallic color. Strangely, it’s a sure thing that this guy is really proud of his car and the Audi look.


The Ford Focus in the picture is introducing a new type of tuning, one with cardboard. There are two possible explanations for these mods: one is that this will be the project and that it’s only a “try to see how it looks,” and the second is about not having enough money to upgrade the car and using the cheapest and most horrific way to do it ever.

There are stripes, a new idea for a body kit with front and rear bumper and side skirts, a huge rear wing, and, in the owner’s image, pulled-out fenders all made from cardboard and stitched to the car with tape. One can wonder how all of these “upgrades” can resist when the car is being driven on the road, not to mention that the paint under the tape will definitely be ruined at the end.


One can say that he or she has seen them all, but this Optimus Prime or Megatron Chevrolet van is outdoing every car upgrade that’s ever been done. This huge custom body kit wraps the vehicle entirely, making it even three times bigger than it was at the beginning.

There was some space left in the front of the car so that a person can still reach and pop the hood without stepping on this gruesome purple and yellow invention.

The idea of the owner kind of makes fun of the actual car and tries to transform it into a movie character that cannot exist in real life, not to mention that driving such a thing would be quite a difficult or even an impossible task.


If someone has a pickup truck and wants to see how a normal car feels like but still own a pickup truck, he or she can try what this man has already done with his vehicle: mount some small wheels on it. One would wonder how this car can still be driven, having in mind that the front of it is almost touching the ground.

A pickup is, by definition, a vehicle with a higher ground clearance and designed to carry different heavy things.

If it’s modded in this way, it won’t be able to be used to its full capacity and can only be displayed in a horrific show. The Ford F150 is a great and durable car that shouldn’t be “upgraded” like this one but as a heavy-duty vehicle as it was made by the producer.


Here’s another crazy fan of a movie star, more exactly, of Liam Neeson. The fan named his car after the well-known celebrity. The Liam Nissan seems to be a racing-modded car, with the air filter peeking from half of the left headlight place, but unfortunately, it just ended up as an ugly green and full-of-pictures ride.

Both of the headlights were replaced by two metal nets tied with wires. The rearview mirrors were dressed in an awful colored material, while the rest of the body received one Liam Neeson picture after the other. The neon-green color doesn’t at all help this car be at least close to a racing ride. It remains a mystery how some people can think of doing such a thing with their cars.


Some mods can be done to a car just for show, but this ride is defying the laws of tuning with style. The hood has been either taken from a bigger car and made to fit on this one or modified so it can be an umbrella for the headlights and the front grille. The front bumper, besides the horrible design, has a sort of lip that tries to reach the ending lines of the hood, making the car longer by quite a few centimeters. The fenders were modified to receive the exaggerated lopsided wheels that seem to break at any time because of the heavy loaded body kit of the ride. For such a small city car, these mods are far from being stylish and interesting, not to mention the flashing colors selected for the final project.


While learning a few more things about car mods, the owner of this car should definitely change the way he or she thinks a vehicle should be driven on the streets. The first thing that pops out when one looks at this vehicle is the wonky wheels. According to DailyMail, that can cause real problems because the car is practically standing on the chassis and only on a tiny part of each wheel.

The front bumper doesn’t fit on the car anymore because it would be damaged in a second, and the sidelights were also taken off, probably because the front wheels didn’t have enough room to spin. As it can be seen, the rear wheels are simply rubbing the rear fenders because the owner didn’t think of pulling them out to make space. This can’t be real…


If a person doesn’t understand what car this is, it’s written on the tail lights and can be seen even better at night. This car is so loaded with awful mods that one may think twice if it really is a 1993 Dodge Viper or if the owner simply wanted to transform another car into a Viper.

The body kit is a custom-made enlarged structure with huge front and rear bumpers, ugly side skirts, a roof cap, and a lot of horrible air vents that don’t resemble the original lines of this sports car.

The chrome wheels are hidden inside the wide front and rear fenders, like they need protection of some sort, instead of being aligned with both sides of the car. The rear wing doesn’t fit on this vehicle because it doesn’t help with anything by being so small.


Having a pickup can give one a lot of ideas how to upgrade it and make it more interesting, but what can be seen in this photo has never ever been seen before. The Reporator, as it stands written on the huge windscreen banner, has got a front bumper or grille that actually touches the ground even when it’s parked. There are two sets of wheels, the chrome front rims taken from a Cadillac Escalade, and the rear wide also has chrome rims that would fit on a drag car. The exhaust was taken from under the car and placed in a hanging position on the front door. The rear-view mirrors were redesigned and replaced with a pair of truck mirrors for a better view. It screams ugly, and it’s quite disappointing, actually.


The 2012 Chevrolet Camaro is a beautiful sports car that screams speed and fun. However, even if most of the car enthusiasts know that this ride is stunning, as it was made by the producer, others don’t understand how tuning works in most cases. According to AutoWeek, the revived donk trend from the 1990s, which strictly referred to the customized 1971 to 1976 Chevrolet Impala or Caprice, is now being used in a wrong way to describe all those cars with huge wheels. This Chevrolet Camaro was badly transformed into an awful and exaggerated copy of a donk with chrome paint. However, the original donks don’t have such huge wheels. How can a person believe that this sports car can suffer these mods and still be considered a stunning ride?


This matte-black Lamborghini Murcielago has received quite a few odd and stupid mods. The engine was moved from the back of the car to the front to make room for a big storage space like a pickup bin while adding some extra room through a roof rack. If a person buys a Lamborghini, he or she should know that this type of car cannot carry stuff because it wasn’t designed to do so. The definition of a sports car doesn’t include carrying things with it, and that’s why it should be left as it was made by the producer. The funny thing is that people intend to add their personal signature on their cars because they believe they’re doing an interesting thing. This is wrong.


If the owner wanted a car with a higher ground clearance, he or she should’ve bought a pickup truck, an SUV, or a van. Despite the fact that it’s a Chevrolet and, as mentioned above, the “donk” term refers to this make, this car has nothing to do with those huge wheels. It seems that the main donk idea is to make a car that can turn people’s heads, but in this case, this ride would only make them laugh and offer bad comments.

Being a turquoise convertible car, it seems an easy task to upgrade it, but the truth is that some people cannot think of stunning tuning mods.

It would be a remarkable thing if anyone would possess the skills and the talent to design great tuned cars.


The 2004 Subaru Impreza WRX STI is a beautiful Japanese sports car that makes quite an impression when it sprints on the street. Unfortunately, there are people who can spoil the charm of this car with mods like these. The original rear wing was stripped off and replaced with a strange-looking really big spoiler that’s even bigger than the car itself.

The fenders have been pulled off to make space for the wonky wheels with lopsided tires. This stance isn’t fit for this car. The Impreza should be left as it was created, as original as possible, maybe with a few engine upgrades and a set of beautiful rims—nothing more, no strange ideas, and no other rear wings, or it’ll be broken.


Spoiler alert! A car has been spotted speeding on the road with an enormous rear wing that could be used to dry clothes or hang something. Obviously, it’s known that cars are designed to be aerodynamic, and each upgraded part based on the body of a vehicle should stop drag or air turbulence while making the car more streamlined, according to DailyMail.

The owner of this car didn’t think of keeping it aerodynamic; he or she just wanted to beat a world record for the tallest rear wing ever placed on a car trunk.

Another explanation for this horrific upgrade cannot be found, not to mention the fact that the rest of the car is also a kitsch with the green paint and the huge rear bumper.


Here comes the purple van of the future! People don’t want to see that some changes made to the car can affect the way that vehicle can be driven on the streets. The huge body kit modified the original dimensions of the car, making it a lot longer and wider, while its height was raised as if another van like it was glued on top of it.

This customized appearance consists of a front bumper with an attached podium, front and rear fender ornaments that end up with wing-like decorations, a very long rear bumper that looks like a platform, and a few more wing-like decorations on the roof. Fortunately, the upgrades ended there because the wheels remain the same. How would it look like with some huge chrome wheels with spinners, maybe?


This car makes one think of a gangster car or of a cartoon gangster that talks with the cigar in his mouth. The owner has done some thinking to do such a thing with his classic car, but it didn’t end up an interesting car.

The added cigar is kind of an ugly extra, and it’s definitely not the best mod made to a car; it would be better without it. Why would someone spoil a classic car to make a cartoon character out of it?

This car looks like a bad joke, and it’s lost all of its classic ride pride through this downgrade. The owner didn’t think of the repercussions of such an ugly thing.


A muscle car should be restored and kept as original as it can be kept, but if the owner has a lot of imagination, he or she can make it as ugly as it can be made. The mods made to this car can be considered disgusting, actually, because it was called “Da Sh!t” and features a drawn toilet paper and the extreme possibility of some “sh!tty” stickers, as it can be understood from this picture.

The color matches the main idea of the project and, of course, the name—half brown and half beige. The rims were chosen without having anything to do with the vehicle, but what’s strange is the fact that the car seems to be taken care of, despite its ugliness.


This is the ultimate homeless ride with a lot of garbage things on it. It was “dressed” in a tent canvas, with something that resembles a sofa made out of the same material and placed as a rear bumper, a huge sort of a rear wing as a roof for those who want to sit down on the improvised sofa, and two box gloves to show the “power” of the car or to protect it, maybe.

This may be an apocalypse vehicle or a home for the homeless—one never knows what the project was made for in the first place, but it’s definitely an ugly one in the end. It should be noted that it was made to be driven because the tail lights weren’t wrapped in canvas.


Remember those cars from Fast and Furious? The ones that had nitro tanks to speed the car up in a race? Well, this car represents the next level. The owner has placed something that resembles a little rocket on the trunk of this sedan to give it more power, probably, but the truth is that it looks really ugly and useless.

The “exhaust” was placed on the left side of the rear bumper, while the rear fenders received two additional air diffusers that are also useless.

If someone wants more horsepower, the best thing to do is to upgrade the engine and not the exterior of the car in the hope of receiving some extra power from thin air. One would wonder what type of person can make such mods to his or her car and really hope for a miracle.


This Honda Civic is an abomination in terms of tuning. The reptile or creature the owner seems to have wanted to create on his or from his car could’ve been pictured with a better point of view than this, at least. It seems like the Lizard from Spider-Man. More exactly, it seems that Dr. Curt Connors put his mark on this car. Those fangs from the front bumper along with the unfortunate hood scoops and the painted headlights were the principal mods that the “designer” thought of at first. Then came the idea to paint a dragon that spits feathers and maybe water, and then, the rest was an easy task. How can it be driven on the streets at night? One may also wonder how a person could be proud of these mods. It definitely deserves number one on this list.

Sources: prostreetonline.com; ausmotive.com; dailymail.co.uk


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