Rowen Subaru WRX STI Is a Rallying Light Show

We’ve come a long way from the days of neon lights fitted under our Civics (well, not mine). But that doesn’t mean we can’t feel a little bit of nostalgia and bring back that style.

The Subaru WRX STI is the perfect car to do that. While it might be new, everything about the way it drives is like it was ten years ago, from the clunky gear shifts to the turbo lag. Well, this is the Japanese market STI with the 2-liter turbo, so we have no idea how it drives, but you get the point.

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The STI is a great example of what makes Japanese tuning different to its German counterpart. Most Golf GTIs end up with a similar look, but this Rowen project is the opposite of what Subaru tried to do with the car for the new model year.

At the front, the bumper is completely new, making room for more lighting in the form of rows of LEDs, a square and a round set of fog lights, separated by another shiny strip.

Rowen Subaru WRX STI (EJ20)Full Titanium Exhaust Sound

Rowen made its own grille with two horizontal bars and adjusted the hood scoop. The wider front fenders are also new, followed by your choice of large alloy wheels. Side skirts are easy to miss when you have a wing trimmed with horns and vertical fins sprouting up next to the exhaust system. Oh, the exhaust system!

That’s Rowen’s specialty, a Heat Blue titanium finish. And to make things interesting/overcompensated, each of the four tips has its own muffler. That makes this a 4-1-4 rarity. I have to say that I’m not a fan of their rear bumper. Everybody knows there’s no need to have vents back there. There’s a red STI they also tuned in the photo gallery that looks a lot better.

With Prodrive written on the side, we bet that this STI is all show and all go!


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