Subaru 360 Young SS 1969

Several variants were produced, including a station wagon, a convertible, and two sport models known as the Subaru Young S, which had a slightly upgraded (EK32 “F”) engine and transmission (4 gears instead of 3), bucket seats and a tachometer along with a black, white striped roof with a dent along the middle to put one’s surfboard, and the Subaru Young SS, which had all the Young S enhancements, but also the EK32 “S” engine with chromed cylinders and dual BS32 Mikuni Solex carburetors, producing 36 bhp (27 kW) – and 100 brake horsepower per litre.


• Engine : 356cc 0.4L, 2 Cylinder
• Power: 26.5 kw (35.5 hp)
• Torque: 37 N.m (27.2 lb.ft)
• Engine location: Rear

• 0-400m Time = 20.6 secs
• 0-97 km/h Time = ??? secs (37.0 secs for standard 360 model)
• Top Speed = 120 km/h (97 km/h top speed of standard 360 model)

• Layout Rear engine, Rear-wheel drive system
• 4 Speed Manual transmission

• Weight: 425 kg
• Height: 1335 mm
• Length: 2995 mm
• Width: 1300 mm
• Wheelbase: 1800 mm


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