Why is Subaru Forester so popular?

“When it comes to versatility there’s no vehicle like the Subaru Forester. It has it all: performance, reliability, economy and function. Subaru’s engineering and track record are exceptional.” Words written in 2004 when Subaru’s latest offering at the time; the Subaru Forester 2.5XT (T-for turbo) had just been unleashed.

Of course we now have the 2017 Subaru Forester; a blocky compact crossover with extra-sleek redesigned grille, front fascia, headlights, and LED highlighted taillights. It also boasts modern technology; including the optional EyeSight safety camera system, automatic high-beams headlights, and reverse automatic breaking in case of imminent collision.

So why are we talking 2004 when we have 2017 (that is Second generation [2002 to 2008] models versus Fourth Generation [2012 to present])? The reality is that in spite of the talk of Ugandans buying more cars, we are driving mainly by far older cars than before and the most common Subaru Forester models are Second Generation.

Fortunately, Subaru has some standard features that change only slightly in all the numerous tweaking. So the 2017 model boasts rear spoiler, optional power rear liftgate, and updated heated steering wheel and steering ratio, and Intelligent Drive mode selector.

But the rest is standard Subaru ware i.e. comfortable ride, elevated seating position, and all-wheel drive. These are the things that make the Subaru Forester the most popular cross-over (voted best compact SUV 2014, 2016 in Japan) and globally.

Subaru Forester is extremely popular because of its superior traction.


Subaru Foresters have never been eye-catching and are virtually unnoticeable when parked alongside a mid-size SUV like the Honda CR-V, but it is the details, functions, and possibilities in the Subaru that matter an Explorer. It appears small because it is boxy and, therefore, uses space efficiently.

The Forester is large enough to carry the whole family comfortably, but compact enough to pass for a small car when it’s necessary.


There’s nothing like having confidence in the vehicle you are driving. Forester inspires driver confidence because of Subaru’s permanent AWD system. Its X Mode is helpful when driving off-road.


Foresters boast suspensions that are rugged enough to handle the tough stuff, but easily smooth out bumps in highway drives. The seating position is high despite the fact that the Forester isn’t a tall vehicle. Rear-seat passengers get good head and leg room. The Forester has great cargo capacity for its size.


The Subaru brand is known globally for its superior safety ratings. The latest EyeSight driver assist safety system is an optional safety system on the 2016 Forester SUV.


The Forester is built at the Gunma factory in Japan which is known for brand quality. It has been voted the “Best Compact SUV” over the years because of its size, capability, ride quality, safety, and quality construction. The Forester invented the semi-SUV in 1998, before the word crossover was coined. Over the years, the Forester line has offered reliability, fuel efficiency, cargo room, safety, and its time-tested all-wheel-drive system. On the road, the Forester offers excellent handling and brakes. It’s a better vehicle on treacherous roads than an SUV.


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