Subaru SVX Swap Honda Insight Review! – The Scariest Honda Insight Ever

In the world of crazy engine swaps, it’s always refreshing to learn about custom builds that didn’t go down the popular way.

And while this particular car is missing quite a few body parts -including a windshield of all things, you can’t deny how original the idea of the people behind it is.

Georgia Tech’s Wreck Racing Team took a damaged Honda Insight and breathed new life to it by installing a flat six engine from a Subaru SVX at the rear and the gearbox protruding from the bodywork.

As you might have guessed already, this is a race car built for autocross mostly. The steering rack comes from a Mazda MX-5, the front suspension setup comes from a Crown Victoria with the rear utilizing a pushrod suspension. It’s the automotive equivalent of the Frankenstein, portraying some brilliant ingenuity for the guys behind it.

Watch David Patterson trying to tame this beast in his latest video linked below.


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