Suspension Repair: Here Are Signs and Symptoms You Should Look Out For

Suspension Repair

Suspension Repair: Here Are Signs and Symptoms You Should Look Out For

The present-time vehicles use shocks, struts, or a combination of both these parts in your car. The shocks and struts of your vehicle constitute its suspension system that helps to stabilize its movements. Car shocks and struts also enhance the control of your car, especially when you brake, turn, accelerate it on rough and uneven road surfaces.


Car shocks are an independent component of your car. The strut, on the other hand, pairs up with the shock and other features to form a single structural unit. The role of both these components is to stabilize your car and keep its tires in touch with the pavement. The absence of either of these components will make your vehicle bounce on the road. The situation may lead to severe accidents.

Driving your car on rough terrain and unpaved roads or carrying heavy loads in your car shortens the functional life of the suspension system. The continuous use of your car with a damaged suspension system is a risky business. Here are the signs that your vehicle is demanding a suspension repair:

 When the car rides roughly: 

One of the most common signs that you need to change the car shocks and struts is when your car seems to be rough on the road. When you face every bump in the street, or when such a bump causes it to bounce, you need to check the suspension and get the problem fixed immediately. 


 When your car has excessive body roll or drifts while turning 

A failed suspension often makes your car feel pulled or drifted upon turning. This sign tells you that the car shocks are not keeping your car body stable against the centrifugal force. Such an event also adds up to the risk of a rollover. Upon feeling this sensation while turning your vehicle, take your car to a trusted mechanic and get it serviced. 

When your car dips while stopping: 

Worn-out shocks of your car also make your vehicle dip, particularly when you apply the car brakes firmly. The car’s body starts lurching forward and downward. It creates a dangerous situation, especially if you are driving the car on a busy road. Test it at the service center on experiencing this problem. 

 When the treads of your car’s tire are uneven: 

We advise you to inspect the tires of your car now and then. If the tread of the tires is wearing down unevenly or if you see any balding spot on the tire, know that something is wrong with the suspension system. Uneven tire treads occur when the shock and strut are unable to hold the car evenly. The situation also causes a lot of pressure on the tires. 

 When the shocks and struts become oily: 

You can take a direct look at the shocks and strut of the car to check their appearance. If they look oily or greasy, there may be a leakage of the fluid. The leakage suggests that the suspension system is not working properly and requires a quick repair. If repairing these parts doesn’t work, you may need to replace the shocks with newer ones. 


When you get your car tested at the local mechanic or service center, they will perform a bounce test on the vehicle. If the suspension system comes out to be damaged, they will try to repair the same. If the shocks and strut of the car are beyond repair, you will be suggested to replace them with a newer one.

Always ensure to consider the quality and brand name of the shocks and struts if you are replacing the older ones with the new accessories. Do not cut corners, or it will cost you later. Discuss your preferences with the experts and find the best solution to the problem.


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