The Endless Ways To Upgrade An Old Porsche 911

A bit of 930 here, a dash of 993 Turbo there, and a touch of RSR equals 420 horsepower in this 1982 911 SC.

It’s crazy what a standard 1982 911 3.0 SC can become after years of tampering. Thanks to most newer air-cooled bits fitting the older chassis, it’s actually quite simple to build a hot-rod narrow-body 911 with performance to rival a stock 993 Turbo. This is GT2-level nastiness. Like the white devil you see here.

A single turbo with aggressive GT2 cams pushes this caged 2600 lb. car to 420 horsepower and 460 ft.-lb. at the wheels. The flat-six is connected to an RSR clutch and a short-ratio four-speed gearbox out of an old 930 Turbo. Continuing with the theme, the brakes came off a 993 Turbo while the suspension is a fully built coil-over setup with Bilstein shocks all around.

With a 911 like this, you’d spend the rest of your life wishing for dry sunny days and empty mountain roads. It may not have the pedigree of a painstakingly-restored original, but this sacrilegious 911 has everything we look for in a home-built sports car.


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