The Fast And The Furious 5 Coolest Cars

When watching any of the Fast And The Furious movies, it’s basic instinct to either be drawn to a specific car or not care for it so much. With plenty of movies to go through, it’s hard to pick just one!

Thankfully, there’s no need to pick just one. This list is going to cover 5 of the coolest cars in the franchise, and 5 that are not so hot. With box office hits that span over nearly 2 decades, it’s pretty cool to see how the cars have changed, as well as where it all began.


It’s no secret that Dom loves American muscle. The Charger seems to have a special place in his heart, however. With tying back to his dad’s roots, Dom does right by adding a huge supercharger with fat drag slicks in the back, and throwback dragster rims. It’s estimated that this beast puts out around 900 horsepower, and could run a 1/4 mile in 9 seconds flat.It’s no wonder this wheelie-popping beast, could scoot past that speeding train. It’s rather unfortunate to see Dom’s family heirloom get destroyed past the tracks. Luckily, Dom sees how attached we are to the car too, and it gets rebuilt at a later time.


In Furious 7, Dom and Brian find themselves in some rare company when they come across this unicorn in Dubai. The Lykan Hypersport is one of the rarest cars produced, with only 7 ever rolling out of W Motors’ factory, and with a price tag of over 3 million dollars, it was crazy to see they destroyed one in the movie.

Thankfully, it was a replica. The headlights on this car have actual diamonds in them; makes sense why it’s so expensive. The Lykan has over 770 horsepower and 740 ft-lbs of torque, that is being powered by a 3.7 liter, twin turbo flat 6. This car had no problems going through those skyscraper windows, with a 0-60 time of 2.8 seconds.


When it comes to Brian, imports seem to be his forte. More specifically, the Skylines seem to be his go-to car. In real life, Paul Walker owned quite a few of these non-US legal cars and even went overseas on many occasions to drive them. With this being the fourth installment in the franchise, Brian has matured at this point and the flashy paint schemes and decals seem to start dying down around this time.

This purist-esque, right-hand drive is sporting a twin-turbo 3.8l v6 which is probably pushing closer to 400 horsepower compared to roughly 275 for the stock, naturally aspirated counterpart. This historic car, just like Dom’s charger, has seemed to find a way to be in each movie. It’s a staple.


One of the most unique cars that captured many car enthusiasts in the second installment, 2 Fast 2 Furious, was the famed, rotary powered RX-7. This particular model was modified with twin turbos and sported the VeilSide body kit that tastefully accentuated the body lines of this beautiful machine.

It seems almost like magic, that this 1.3-liter engine is able to put out over 255 horsepower! Some of the prominent differences from Orange Julius and the RX-7 that Dom drove are the large spoiler and lexan headlights. This particular car just has a better look without the huge drag wing and with the hiding, flip-up lights.


This car may not have had much time on screen, but what this vehicle represents is indisputable. Before the final scenes of Furious 7 had been shot, Paul Walker who played Brian, was tragically killed in a fiery car accident. In the first movie, Dom and Brian build a supra together, which is raced against Dom’s Charger.

The final scene in the movie that Paul was unable to complete was shot to pay homage to Paul taking a different path. This car was actually owned by Paul Walker, which makes it even more special. This was one clean car, with the all white and dark tint. Under the hood it’s sporting the mythical 2JZ engine, which was twin turboed to fit Paul’s style.


When seeing this van, amused is a better way to put it, then impressed. The hulk fists and feet imprints are some pretty nice bodywork, though. Props. This grocery-getter is a far cry from what Fast and Furious fans are used to seeing the car creators come up with.

This green monster makes its appearance in Tokyo Drift and presumably, it’s aimed at a more comical side than a serious one. With this vehicle only capable of pushing 167 horsepower out of a 1.9 liter diesel engine, a 14 second 1/4 mile isn’t surprising. We’ll leave this one up to Twink.


This car was featured in 2 Fast 2 Furious. Roman seemed to love it, as it fit his style, but looking back at this early millennium era of metallic, neon undercarriage lights and chrome, it’s hard to not feel a bit of cringe. The flashy purple webbed design with decals and huge spoiler that serves no functional purpose, make this mostly stock car easy car for us to avoid.

This convertible pushed around 210 horsepower out of a 3 liter, 24-valve V6. It’s surprising to see how it was able to keep up with the competition on those Florida streets. The fact that Roman’s license plate to this car read “H8TR” is comical; at least he gets where we’re coming from with this criticism.


This white wonder is just that; it leaves you wondering “what were they thinking when making this?” But it’s important to remember, this series spans over 2 decades, so these characters mature. In the first installment, Jesse is sporting his dad’s Jetta until he gets out of jail. Unfortunately, Jesse loses this Jetta at Race Wars versus Johnny Tran. The shouldn’t come at a surprise, as the Jetta’s wet nitrous shot in a 2 liter 4 cylinder stood no chance against a heavily modded S2000.

In its own era, this flashy car like others on this list, was cool. In retrospect, we wouldn’t be caught sporting this ride. Fun facts about the Jetta: this car was actually sold to Frankie Muniz and eventually aired on Lizzie McGuire. It’s hard to say whether this adds value to the car, or makes it depreciate.


By far, one of the oddest cars that should be avoided would be this soccer-mom mobile that Brian was caught driving in Furious 7. Watching him pull up in this 4 door, 4 liter V6 is downright hilarious. Nothing against a vehicle that makes sense for a family, which is what Brian and Mia were gearing towards at this part in the franchise.

It’s just interesting to see the toughest street racers and most cool car-driving characters to be rolling around in a minivan. Unless you’re starting a family, it would be wise to avoid this vehicle. They make for good family and uber rides, but other than that it’s not the most appealing vehicle.


As Roman says in The Fate Of The Furious, “No, no, no! It’s my Bentley!” That shouldn’t come as a surprise. This unique car screams Roman’s name; not in the literal sense, of course. The flamboyant red paint on with the elegant white is a little too loud. It may work for Roman, but it’s a lot for a Bentley. This car is also just too heavy and bulky. Hefty fits well with this car.

The curb weight on the GT is approximately 5250 pounds, and with it would need to be a large engine to haul this behemoth around. A 6 liter W 12 engine, capable at over 550 horsepower would indeed make this car move. Although, the power to weight ratio is not great, the 0-60 time is impressive for its size at 3.7 seconds. Nonetheless, it’s not much of a fantasy of ours to want to be cruising in the strawberry cheesecake tank.


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