The New Toyota Supra Went On Vacation With Some BMWs In Italy

The new Toyota Supra: What’s the deal? Where is it? We’ve seen that camo’d mule running around now since people could still tolerate Taylor Swift, and yet no concept or production car has surfaced. All speculation about its future aside, we know where it’s been lately: chilling in Italy with some BMWs.

Hey, can you blame it here? Summer’s pretty much over. It’s trying to catch one last break with its friends before it has to show up at an auto show and eventually dealer lots. (If it ever does! Who the hell knows.)

Photographer Lucas Scarfone captured a few shots of the new car at the Grand Hotel in Arenzano, along with one camo’d up sedan that I am guessing is the next 3 Series and two roadsters destined to be the next Z4. Here’s hoping that ends up looking as good as the concept did.

Hope you and your friends had a nice time, Supra. See you in America soon?


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