The Only Competitor Of BMW is BMW

The biggest in-house rivalry that BMW has to deal with is probably the E36 M3 vs E46 M3 duel that has been taking up considerable …

The biggest in-house rivalry that BMW has to deal with is probably the E36 M3 vs E46 M3 duel that has been taking up considerable amounts of time from enthusiasts over the years, arguing both on and offline about which is best. And while I would be bias towards the E46 as a former owner, a lot of you might probably disagree with me. Both cars are brilliant at what they do and they are closer related than you may think.

We have a record-setting BMW E36 M3 chasing a BMW E46 M3 on, what else but, the Nurburgring. The two drivers are friends, according to the video description, and they seem to be extremely familiar with the layout of the famous German track. As a matter of fact, we wrote about the man behind the wheel of the chasing E36 M3 a while back when he surprised us with a blazing fast lap time of the BTG portion of the Ring. Therefore, we know what he’s capable of.


That said, the E46 M3 driver isn’t that shabby either, showing great skill at handling the M car around the corners of the Green Hell. Furthermore, we need to keep in mind that leading is always harder on a track than chasing. Even so, the 7:33 lap time set by the guys is not bad at all, especially considering that they had to do it all during a Touristenfahrten day, with traffic covering most of the track.



As for the two cars, we know that the E36 has been modified. The car managed to post a 7:25 lap time on the BTG and that’s a sort of unofficial record right now. The car’s interior has been stripped and a couple of changes were done to it to make it more track capable, as you can see in the video.

The BMW it’s going up against is no slouch either. Starting life as a run of the mill BMW M3, the owner decided to swap out its engine for a M50B25 2.5-liter straight six unit because it was easier to turbocharge it into oblivion. Thanks to a host of modifications and a K29 turbo, the E36 M3 now has around 650 HP coming out its engine bay and heading towards the rear axle, via a 6-speed manual transmission.That could be the deciding factor here, as the driver of the M3 cannot possibly hope to row through gears as fast as the GT-R. On the other hand, the Nissan weighs considerably more than the light BMW and since this is not a standing start run, things will definitely get interesting.


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