This Old-School Porsche Costs More Than A New GT3 RS

If you want to go off-roading in a Porsche, forget the Cayenne and go with this one.

There’s been quite a trend lately for people to build off-road capable Porsche 911s – especially based on vintage models. The idea of a safari Porsche 911 dates back to 1978 and 911 SC 3.0 rally cars that competed in that year’s 3000-mile Safari Rally across Kenya wearing Martini livery. The teams didn’t win, but an icon was born… mostly because the jacked-up and rugged 3.0-liter 911s just looked so damn cool. Cut to the 2010s, and air-cooled Porsche prices have risen dramatically and those with the money and love for Safari 911 have started building their own.

This one is a 1984 Porsche 911 Carrera known as Willy, and despite being a vintage car it’s a cutting-edge build for the 21st century, and it’s also up for sale with Vicci Auctions with a staggering ‘Buy It Now’ price of $375,000.

We’ve met this beast before, but now we have a price on its head. It’s currently owned by owned by Kelly-Moss Road and Race director of operations Andy Kilcoyn. It came into existence when Kilcoyn met Hoonigan hosts Larry Chen and Will Roegge on location as they watched a modified Porsche 964 thrashing around near the Kelly-Moss HQ.

When Roegge decided to sell his 911, Kilcoyn bought it and gave it rally suspension, additional lights and a modest set of wheels and tires. Things snowballed from there and 10 months later it turned into one of the wildest custom projects we’ve seen.

The build list is crazy so we’ll just touch on it briefly here. To start with, the 1984 911 Carrera gained a new modified aluminum bumper and custom-made lower valance. Then the wheel wells were enlarged to accommodate a set of enormous BFGoodrich All-Terrain KO2 tires. Then the real additions were made.

The suspension was refurbished along with the chassis, and a custom made roll cage was installed along with a carbon-kevlar roof. A set of 6 piston front and 4 piston rear Brembo brakes replaced the original brakes, which were needed because in the back went a Kelly Moss 3.4-liter engine making 340 horsepower and matched to a BRM-built 915 transmission. Because it’s a Safari car, it also has all of the lights installed, including 9eleven headlamps and 2 curved 30″ Black Oak LED light bars.

After owning it for a year, Kilcoyne has decided to sell it and that’s the price tag he’s put in it. It’s a specialist piece, to say the least, but if someone is willing to pay $375,000 for it, then that’s what it’s worth.


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