This Supra Turbo ‘From Hell’ Is The World’s Fastest Toyota

This is what a 1600bhp of Toyota Supra looks like on a drag strip.

It’s another case of a modified shed that Satan himself would be proud of. Prepare yourself for a Toyota Supra that takes off like it’s going back to the future. While the standard 320hp Supra Turbo conceived back in the 90s has an impressive 0-62mph time of around 4.6 seconds, this highly tuned dragster’s 1600bhp and 9.0sec 1/4 mile time makes even a Veyron look like a shopping trolley. Keep your eyes on the fella in the white jacket up on the stand, as you’ll witness him get the shock of his life. And if you’re not a fan of suspense, just skip to 1:20 on the vid. Here’s what Jezza and Hamster make of it…


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