Top 10 craziest and whackiest car modifications

Not everyone can own a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, so what do you do if you want your car to look cooler than others – you might modify it a bit. These guys had the same idea, but no knowledge or finnese. Warning: The following car mods can give you a headache!

Body kits are the key to success or are they? The size of the rear wheel and the ‘new and cooler wheel arch’ don’t really match, do they? –

Some like to refer to there cars as a monster. This man took this feeling a bit too seriously.

In his defence, he might say the car may be ugly but it is highly useful.

This is at least funny, and may generate a snicker and not a frown on the onlooker’s face.

Is his car run a coal powered engine? Also, what’s happened to the bicycle at the back.

Spoilers are meant to provide downforce for extremely fast cars. Wake up man, this isn’t an extremely fast car. And is the licence plate supposed to highlight his creativity?

This car probably crashed and the boot was damaged, and the guy had to resort to a quick fix to transport very important cargo. Or he just has really bad taste.

As long as there is a sweet looking V12 underneath the bonnet, don’t do it!

If he was trying to scare little kids away, he has succeeded.

Nope, this does not deserve a funny caption to it, but a massive faceplam.


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