Triumph Brings Its Most Beautiful Bike to the Next Level

Photos of the Triumph Thruxton R TFC leaked late last year, but now we have detailed, drool-inducing photos as well as the bike’s official performance numbers.

The “TFC” acronym tacked on to the end of the cafe racer’s name stands for “Triumph Factory Custom,” but this isn’t just a Thruxton R with a phoned-in special-edition paint scheme aimed to squeeze a few more dollars out of the Triumph faithful. Moving from the standard Thruxton to the Thruxton R means tweaks in the suspension and brakes, plus a peppering-in of some top-notch materials to lighten the bike by a hair.

This Triumph Factory Custom, on the other hand, gets a boost in power to 107 horsepower and 85 lb-ft of torque, a new exhaust system to shout about it and a total of 11 lbs trimmed off the standard Thruxton’s weight.

Helping with the weight loss, as well as the blacked out look of the bike, are the carbon fiber body, fairing, mudguard and seat cover. A healthy dose of billeted aluminum and the all-new aluminum frame rails play a massive part in major weight shedding.

To keep all that unladen power under control Triumph also upgraded the ABS and the Rain / Road / Sport riding modes, and bolted on Öhlins shocks, big Brembo brakes and race-spec Metzeler tires.

Unfortunately, only 750 examples will leave the factory with just 200 making their way to US shores – each at a cost of $21,500. Those low production numbers paired with all the high-performance goodies will easily make the Triumph Thruxton R TFC a collectible. And the enticing part is this isn’t a one-off project.

Triumph also showed off a TFC Concept Rocket III, which is more than likely hitting the road in some shape or form. That raises the question: what else Triumph will run through the TFC mill?



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