This V12, 222-MPH Monster Of A Toyota Supra Is Up For Auction Soon

Few things are as wild as they seem—looking at you, vinyl-wrapped enthusiast cars on Craigslist that end up being stock automatics—but this Toyota Supra is. Not only is it a V12 that’s hit 222 mph and looks like a knockoff Ferrari 488 in the front, but the owner who tuned it also got rather good at being arrested in it.

Now, the car’s up for auction.

(Don’t race cars on public streets.)

This is a 1994 Toyota Supra tuned by a shop called Top Secret in Japan, which made far more than 900 BHP with its V12 engine after the build was done. Top Secret did a lot more than just up the car’s power, giving it a new aerodynamics kit and a dramatically different front styling than the Supra we’re all used to.

The tuner who made this Supra what it is, Kazuhiko “Smokey” Nagata, also got in trouble with it a at least once or twice. Top Gear reports that he shipped it to England once he had a build done in 1999, tearing up tires and trying to go as fast as he could in it. Motor Authority reports that Nagata once got caught for going nearly 200 mph on British roads, and there’s video to go along with it.

According to an Autoblog story from 2008, Nagata finally took the car to a real race track after being arrested in both England and New Zealand for going a little over the speed limit on the highways. Nagata reportedly got the car to 222 mph on the Nardo Ring in Italy, according to Autoblog. Although he found a far safer place to race, the story said he fell short of his 248-mph goal.

Now, one of the world’s wildest Supras will be up for auction during the Tokyo Auto Salon in Japan next month. If you’re into spending tons of money on giant, metallic banners that say “Please arrest me, I’ve been breaking the law for two decades now!” then this one is probably for you. It’s also a total work of art:

And, again, don’t race cars on public streets.


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