Violated A Traffic Law? Here Are A Few Strategies That Are Going To Work In The Traffic Court

Getting a traffic ticket is not an uncommon occurrence. People get traffic tickets for various reasons, like taking a wrong turn, speeding beyond the permissible speed limit, jumping the red light, not watching past the pedestrians, not wearing seat belts, driving under the influence, and more.  

Fair or unfair, if you have got a traffic ticket, you have the right to challenge the state and save yourself from paying a hefty fine. 

Although it is not as easy as it sounds, there are a few strategies that offer you an opportunity to get out of the legal charges.

Strategy #1: Proving that an essential element of the offense is misplaced

The state needs to prove some components to get a conviction. For instance, for a DUI violation, the state needs to prove that the person was driving and that person was driving under the influence. If the state fails to prove any of these elements, the offender is proved not guilty. 

If the state has weak evidence or any essential element is missing, direct the attention of the judge to it. You might escape the penalty. 

Strategy #2: Dispute the officer’s observation

Traffic officers often give tickets to people who drive recklessly. These tickets come as an opinion or observation of the officer. You can escape the fine incurred due to any such ticket by challenging their observation. 

For instance, if you are fighting the ticket for driving at a high speed, you can challenge their observation by arguing that the traffic was clear at that time or you were driving at a safe speed. 

Strategy #3: Argue that you were trying to avoid serious harm 

The incidents where a driver has to violate a traffic law to avoid serious harm aren’t unheard of. If you are cited with a violation of any traffic law, you can dispute the ticket by proving that your conduct was a necessity. 

Persuade the jury or the judge that you violated the law to avoid serious harm. For instance, you were speeding because you had a medical emergency. If you manage to prove that you were forced to break the law to avert danger, you stand a solid chance to win the argument. 

Strategy #4: Prove that the violation was a “Mistake of Fact”

By offering evidence that your violation was a mistake of fact, you can argue your ticket. In some jurisdictions, the judges are allowed to form their decision regarding the ticket if they get the right evidence. For instance, if you provide evidence that you failed to stop because the stop sign was too worn out to see clearly, the judge might exempt you from paying any penalty. 

The bottom line 

Based on the circumstances and the law violated, you can use these strategies during your court trials. We hope these strategies work in your favor. However, there are many challenges in disputing, proving, and convincing to a court that you are not at fault all by yourself. On the other hand, traffic lawyers can end up costing a fortune. 

There’s no need to feel overwhelmed in situations like these, smart tools like the WinIt App are built to help you dispute the charges posted against your name. With an easy to use software and a legal team sitting at the other end of your screen, this can be the next ideal and affordable solution to fighting a traffic ticket on your own.


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