Volvo’s secret ‘Ring record revealed

Volvo left its mark on Nürburgring history without even trying.

Volvo set a Nürburgring lap record last year. Instead of basking in the publicity and creating an overpriced limited-edition model, the Swedish company chose not to tell anyone about it for over a year.

The company’s Polestar division brought several race cars and production models to the ‘Ring to carry out tests. “The objective was to take the performance of the S60 Polestar road car as far as possible,” Volvo remembers.

A fully stock, 360-horsepower S60 Polestar lapped the ‘Ring in seven minutes, 51 seconds, and 11 milliseconds. At the time, this made it the fastest unmodified four-door sedan in regular production. Volvo had left its mark on Nürburgring history without even trying.

“Being Swedish, we didn’t want to shout about the record. Just learn from the experience,” explains the company.

Volvo’s ‘Ring glory wouldn’t have lasted long, anyway. The Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio set a new record of seven minutes and 39 seconds, beating the S60 Polestar by a comfortable margin.

Always out for ‘Ring supremacy, Porsche fired back by sending a second-generation Panamera Turbo to the Green Hell. A new record was set seven minutes and 38 seconds later. A Giulia Quadrifoglio equipped with an eight-speed automatic reclaimed the crown with a time of seven minutes and 32 seconds.

The Giulia’s record hasn’t been beaten yet — unless the S60 got a lot faster over the past few months and Volvo hasn’t told anyone yet.


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