Watch this 500 Horsepower Civic Spectacularly Blow Up on the Dyno

Every engine has a breaking point. For this EG Civic, that appears to be at the top of third gear when it’s running 11 pounds of boost.

This poor little hatch just couldn’t take it anymore. More accurately, the hatch itself could take it, but one sleeve had enough of the boost, enough of the revs, and enough of being on the dyno. So it gave up in a spectacular fashion.

What caused the explosion? Well, it appears that there wasn’t a fan blowing cool air at the car. The sleeve that failed appears to be from the radiator. If the car were cooler, would that engine still be alive? Hard to say, but maybe.

While it sucks that the car blew up, there is something exceedingly cool about watching it happen in slow motion with the hood open. You can see the trouble start to brew seconds before fluid literally spews out the side of the engine with smoke appearing all over the bottom of the car. Unfortunately, it seems the people standing next to the car are more focused on the gauges than the imminent explosion of a catastrophic nature.

This Civic lived as it died, with VTEC kicked in…. yo.


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